Turtle Ties Up With The Department Of Correctional Administration To Launch A Tailor Training Initiative

Confined lives found a new route to survive with honor and take pride on what they will be producing. Turtle Limited, the brand known for its finesse in apparel making, today launched a noble initiative in forms of Tailor Training for the inmates of Presidency Correctional Home only to empower their incarcerated lives. The initiative happened in association with the dept. of Correctional Administration, Government of West Bengal. Mr Ujjwal Biswas, Hon’ble Minister of Correctional Administration, Government of West Bengal, Mr Sanjoy Mukherjee, Principal SecretaryDepartment of Correctional Administration, Mr Arun Kumar Gupta, OSD & Ex-Officio DG & IG of Correctional Services, West Bengal & Mr Sanjay Jhunjhunwalla, Chairman, Director & Founder, Turtle Limited were present for the occasion.

For over two decades of creating a holistic lifestyle for the urban men, Turtle has earned the love and adoration of countless fashionistas. This time, the renowned brand has plunged into another noble CSR cause by empowering the lives of the Jail Inmates. On approaching The Government of West Bengal, they have arranged for a special set up inside Presidency Correctional Home, providing sewing machines and looms to around fifty inmates who would learn sewing and making clothes that will be available in all the flagship stores of Turtle as a special collection from the month of August. According to Turtle, this move will help the inmates to be freed from their captivity and accelerate the level of their acceptance in the society. The tailor training initiative to start from 30th June2018.

“Turtle as a brand has emerged over the years and we believe in making a change to the society through each of our ventures. The plan of involving convicts in an apparel making activity seemed so striking to us, that we had a discussion with the Government of West Bengal about the whole idea and with their prompt response, we set the whole thing up. We provided sewing machines and handlooms to fifty prisoners who would be involved in this project, there will be special orientation classes as workshops to train these people so that the finished work can be sublime and aesthetically appreciable. The whole collection is hand woven. Through this initiative, Turtle wants to epitomize the fact that as a brand, Turtle has always been constant about setting trends, be it in the world of fashion, or the society at large”, said Mr Sanjay JhunjhunwallaChairman, Director & Founder, Turtle Limited.

“We always strive to uplift the level of the lives of the prisoners. By means of producing apparel, they will feel more acceptable to the society as this collection will be on sale once emerged and commoners will be donning them. This is a great initiative that has taken place, hope this activity inspires the inmates to find new hopes and they feel contented by whatever little contribution they can make towards the society”, said Mr Arun Kumar Gupta, OSD & Ex-Officio DG & IG of Correctional Services, West Bengal.