Rajashree Lottery announces the winner of the grand prize of Rs 26 lakhs


Lotteries have always been looked down upon in the country. Although in India, the system of lottery and prize drawings is highly regulated where the States have been allowed to operate and control the lotteries. Rajashree Lottery has gained a good substantial market share because of good schemes and transparent facilities to their agents and sellers.

The lottery provides a hope to win but at the same time it has provided opportunities to large number of unemployed youth which includes educated, uneducated, skilled, unskilled etc.

Recently, Rajashree Lottery announced the winner of their lottery ticket worth Rs 26 lakhs. The winning ticket was sold by “D Dhar Agency”, a seller of RajashreeLottery. Located in Ballygunge,” D Dhar Agency” hasrecently shifted to Rajashree Lottery as they were dissatisfied with the offerings of the lottery brand they were earlier associated with.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Suraj Gupta, D DharAgency said, “It has just been 7 days that we have been associated with Rajashree Lottery and have already sold a winning lottery ticket. We are extremely happy as Rajashree provides a lot of facilities and opportunities which are beneficial to us. The market scenario is now changing as people are slowly realizing the benefits and positive aspects of lotteries. It is hoped that the arguments and statistics would dispel myths and make people see beyond blinkers.”

Launched in September 2018, Rajashree Lottery by the Goa government has recently started 8 new lottery ticket counters in Sealdah market.