Nilotpala unravels the journey of a woman

Women all around the world are always doing incredible things. Now a latest collection — created b yRAPHAEL MANTOSH is helping celebrate those  strong women. NILOTPALA ATELIER by RAPHAEL MANTOSH  unveiled its  new apparel line Nilotpala this fall 2018. Nilotpala stands for the modern woman, who posseses the ability to swim against the tide and make her presence felt in society. Nilotpala, unravels the journey of a woman where she breaks through the shackles of a predetermined social order only to emerge stronger and triumphant.

Susan Mantosh & Raphael Mantosh

The collection “ATTIRE TO INSPIRE”, portrays ‘HER’ to be the pinnacle of perfection even with her flaws, as it believes women determine for themselves the meaning of perfection, it redefines the rules of fashion by making ease look chic!