New hope for Art House Filmmakers

The City of Joy has always welcomed films in various languages with open arms. The turnout at the  L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival (LIAFF) says a lot about the film buffs in the City. LIAFF is dedicated to showcase innovative and exciting works by risk-taking filmmakers from around the world, who put their heart and soul to tell a story, even if the budget is small or no recognizable name is involved.”I enjoy talking about films here as people are quite knowledgeable and open to experimenting. I guess one no longer perceives ‘art cinema’ as boring,” said one of the filmmaker present during the screenings. “As a festival curator, cinephile and filmmaker myself when I review a film I try to put myself under the shoes of the filmmaker. I feel it’s easy to find fault in a film but it’s difficult to understand the reason of the fault. We give value to the ideas of filmmaker and try to analyze the film in different perspectives like, Text Interpretation, Directing Actor, Cinematography, Editing, and Sound Designing etc. In LIAFF we follow Selection process rather Elimination process. We have total 50 categories, so if a film is submitted in multiple categories, the chances of selection are very high. Lastly LIAFF has been launched to support independent filmmakers throughout the world to promote their works. This is our sole objective. “said Shailik Bhaumik, Chairman Human Lab Corporation.

Talking about the Independent film-making scenario Shailik feels,” Digital Technology has brought revolution in independent film making. The cost of production is comparatively cheap now. This is obvious that there will be a rise of independent cinema. In India lots of good films are being made. They are unique in their narrative ad making styles. But it’s really difficult to showcase these films to common audience. Films festivals plays a significant role in showcasing independent works. In India, few Govt. undertaken film festivals are already there and many new festivals are coming in the market. So it’s a good sign for independent filmmakers.”