In The World Of Bodybuilding

According to IBBF Mr. India 2017 Sumit Banerjee bodybuilding is science. It combines the sciences of nutrition, and physical education. “ Diet plays the key role that is 70% and exercise is just 30%. Both nutrition and exercise compliment each other” said Sumit on the sidelines of 66th Banga Sree & Open Men Physique Championship 2019

Sumit is 4 times Mr. Bengal & 1 time Mr. Kolkata title holder in bodybuilding and men’s physique competitor and also a  Certified body transformation specialist . Sumit stressed the fact one needs to have a proper coach . Many opts for Physical trainers who only give physical guidance . But a proper coach makes lifestyle changes and hence gives both mental and physical guidance.

For Sumit , Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique is not just about building muscles and having a good physique to show off. More importantly, it is something that keeps one fit, increases self-confidence and strengthens one’s immune system. He also believes that there is no substitute for hard work.All his energy requirements are met through the healthy food made at home and sans steroid abuse. He advices all aspiring bodybuilder  to go only for healthy and natural food.


When asked if bodybuilding  a viable career option? Sumit responded “I was in IT sector but decided to get into bodybuilding full time. Bodybuilding is booming across India. Having a good physique throws open many job opportunities.Top bodybuilders have lucrative contracts with supplement companies, and they also earn a lot from their prize money. You can start your own gym.You can start giving personal coaching to your clients.”

Sumit Banerjee and Debasish Sen

He has introduced Men’s Physique in the Eastern India and has already organized different fitness shows, expos, and competitions. Recently, Sumit has launched  his ngo “TEAM RIPPED” which is  India’s first ever contest prep team. It was launched in presence of Debasish Sen, Managing Director of WBHIDCO.  The aim is to assist bodybuilding and fitness athletes especially from the underprivileged backgrounds with financial support and training along with job opportunities for future.