City to witness mega World Karate Meet

World Meet 2019 a mega karate event will happen in the month December. Prof. M A Ali,President of Indian karate Association informed this biggest karate event in Kolkata would be organised by World Mixed Martial Art Council(UK ) in association with Indian Karate Association. More than 100 countries would participate.  Top leaders and  foreign dignitaries  are expected to be present during the event. The winner would be awarded with  Mamatashree award.

“It’s our endeavour to promote karate in India. The championship already started to have excellent response from internationally ranked players and promises to showcase top-level competition in the true spirit of the sport.” said M A Ali.

karate Coach M A Ali  started learning martial arts when he was in his school. Having found both a career and passion in karate, he decided to take it to the children who cannot afford it. Apart from equipping them with crucial self-defense skills, learning martial arts also provides economic stability for the children if they excel in it. Most of his students have got jobs under sukanya project.

“I have experienced the hardships of a life in slums. There is a big difference between children from slums and those from the city. Anyone can make money, but I wanted to do something different for these children.” said M A Ali. His student Ayesha Noor is giving karate  training to 1 lakh girls every year that too, free of cost.Four girls are supposed to go to Thailand for advanced training examination in Black Belt . They are Monimala Halder, Taiba Taksheen, Alisha Arif and Zabeeria Fatima. Unfortunately they are very poor to even to apply for passport. ” Our girls are mostly from slum areas . They cant afford to go abroad. Many well wisher of Ayesha helped her when she participated in world championship.  I hope someone can come forth to support these four girls with sponsorships.”