Boiron India to expand its presence in the Indian market


Boiron India, subsidiary of Boiron SA France, worldwide leader in homeopathy will expands its presence in the Indian market by introducing 150 high potency standardised homeopathic medicines in addition to the existing 480.


For the first time, medicines from USFDA approved homeopathy manufacturing plants will be available in sealed Multidose Tubes and Single Dosage tubes across Indian Markets, considered gold standard in homeopathy. These drugs will be in pre-medicated forms and offer more quality, safety and hygiene than conventional drugs. Packaging will have ingredient labelling, indications, batch number, intelligent design, expiry dates and MRP listed on them giving patients more choice and convenience. The tubes are made of pharmaceutical grade plastic which does not react with the medicine.


Prashant Surana, MD, Boiron India said, “India has the brightest future for homeopathy compared to any other country given the widespread trust, the large base of practitioners and consumers and government support. The new standardized homeopathy drugs will provide superior quality, convenience and experience compared to traditional homeopathy products. These are available at much higher price in US and Europe.”

Boiron SA (France) had entered into a JV in 1983 to form Sharda Boiron Ltd. but exited the JV in 1999. The Company is re-entering the Indian market through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Boiron India. The company is keen to make India as one of its manufacturing base in the future.

Michèle Boiron, Director, Boiron France, said, “At one point in time, local manufacturing will become a necessity and be beneficial for our overall development in India. This could be our first major investment, others could follow thereafter. We have good reasons to believe this could happen in the near future.”

Boiron is keen on introducing more brands in India however the main challenge is that currently the branding of single-ingredient products is not allowed. This prevents Boiron from introducing many of the global brands as such as Oscillococcinum, which is the bestselling homeopathy brand for cold and flu management around the world.


Mr. Surana, said, “Boiron will steadily expand its range of medicines and introduce new medicines after regulatory approvals. Registration of proprietary medicines is underway. All the ailments can be covered but we will set our launching priorities based upon market needs with innovative dispensing forms.”


Boiron’s R&D effort is focused on developing effective, high quality products by standardizing the manufacturing process. It uses patented processes and technologies that combine traditional methods with modern science. Boiron pills are manufactured in-house in a 16-day, highly standardised process; enforce strict shelf-life of 5 years for mother tinctures and dilutions. The company does not use old back potencies.


Ms. Boiron added, “Boiron has standardised and modernised the homeopathic product offerings by marrying traditional methods to modern technology. It has invested heavily in promoting homeopathy, in training doctors and pharmacists and in overcoming regulatory challenges globally. Ever since our inception, our mission has been to improve technical manufacturing conditions to ensure large scale production of reproducible and reliable homeopathic medicines. There is an increased demand in homeopathy across the globe. With economic growth and rising life-style and education levels, Indian consumers are also becoming more demanding and more appreciative of world class quality.”