Awareness rally sensitises people on drug abuse

To weed out the social evil of drugs, thousands of people pledged to say no to drugs during an anti-drugs rally organised by Sorrow Social Orginisation near Khidderpore area. The rally, which was attended by a large number of students and people from the area.As part of the anti-drugs awareness campaign the participants carried placards on the ill effects of drugs on the users and their family and society as a whole. Shoib Alam Warsi said  “Drug abuse affects health, individual’s development and disrupts social harmony. We need to spread awareness in this regard,” he said. He asked  leaders from the political parties to come to a consensus over the issue and make joint efforts to make the state drug-free.  Sk Golam Rabbani, National President (Auqaf) said “It’s high time we made the youth aware of the ill-affects of the drug abuse as the section is increasing falling prey to bad habits. They must understand that such steps at this age could spoil their health and career.”  Faiyaz Ahmed khan said “We need to stop the supply of drugs and provide proper treatment to drug-addicts and help them get rid of their addiction. Awareness can play a major role to remove this social evil.”

Everybody should support such drives so that precious lives of youngsters can be saved.