Audience on spiritual journey through sufi music

93.5 RED FM, India’s most awarded and largest private radio networksuccessfully concluded the first edition of ‘The Yellow Taxi Music Project’, a celebration of indigenous music of India, yesterday in Kolkata.  Redefining live contemporary folk music scenario in Kolkata, ‘The Yellow Taxi Music Project’ saw stupendous performances from-  Tirtha Bhattacharya, Kartik Das Baul, Fiddler’s Green, Nizami Bandhu and The Manganiyer Seduction. Spreading the message of liberating spirituality and love, Nizami Bandhu transported the audience to a higher realm.  Abhijit Ganguly speaks with Nizami Bandhu.

What is it about sufi music that connects with people and touch their souls?

The spiritual and devotional path of Sufi music has enchanted humankind for centuries. Sufi poetry and music are about love and devotion to God, about reaching a higher power with one’s voice. This form of music really brings peace to the mind.

From dargahs to international concerts and Bollywood, qawwali has, in the past 700 years, travelled a long way, taking the form of both devotion and entertainment. How do you see this trend?

The emotional accessibility, purity and mysticism that Sufi music exudes, is what has led to its wide popularity. Bollywood is increasingly grooving to the beats of Sufi music. One has to be careful that the essence of Sufism is not to be destroyed.

Do you agree that Sufi music can help to spread the message of peace and love in the contemporary world that is marred by unrest and violence?

Through music artistes can bring people together, besides nations and cultures closer, as it has no religion. It touches the hearts of people instantly. It promotes humanity and harmony in the society. Sufi music has the inherent power to heal hearts and souls as it is spiritual.