Attack on Kashmiris condemned

News of Kashmiri people being beaten up have emerged from several parts of the nation since the Pulwama attack.Kashmiri students, traders and workmen have suffered violent attacks in different parts of the country.City Intellectuals condemned the recent attack on Kashmiri doctor  in Kolkata. They stressed the fact that Kashmir continues to remain an integral part of the country and  such incidents of violence perpetrated by vigilantes ‘send a wrong message’. They were present in a press conference organised by VANGUARD. It  is a platform ,  a struggle which is  fighting against hatred, injustice, cast and religious discrimination, inequality which  divides we Indians for the sake of political gains.

“Wecall upon all the citizens and civil society organisations to reach out to any Kashmiri students and traders; show them solidarity and protect them against any attacks, verbal or physical. All citizens are to be protected by law, regardless of their ethnic or religious identity.” said Dr Utpal Banerjee
“We have to protect the harmony of unity in diversity in this country otherwise the destructive forces are in full swing to get our society ruined and I believe if we are not awaken and prepared then we will have no answer for our next  generations .”added Dr Pabitra Goswami.
Vanguard is a platform leaded  by the city Doctors, Educationist,Elocutionist ,  Scholors,  professionals,  Students and common man . they are going to organise a mass gathering of common people on 13th April .