Art Exhibition attempts to showcase a palette of world art across geographies

Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC), a one of its kind multi-disciplinary art space which opened it’s doors to the public in November 2018 and Emami Art are set to host the first Annual Conference of the Centre along with an Art Exhibition –  titled Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The World is One Family), as the central theme.

The event was inaugurated today in the august presence of Mr. Bruce Bucknell, British Deputy High Commissioner in Kolkata; Mr. Aditya V. Agarwal, Director, Emami Group; Mr. Pinakin Patel, Creative Director, KCC; and, Ms. Richa Agarwal, Executive Director, KCC and CEO, Emami Art.

Programmed by Shwetal A. Patel, the first edition of the Kolkata Centre for Creativity Annual Conference, examines the notion of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ and a vision of holistic development and respect for all forms of life. The international conference explores this thought and its influence on creativity, and society more broadly, through symposia, discussions and presentations. The two-day annual conference (26th-27th January, 2019) will see leading thinkers, artists, writers, musicians, practitioners, curators and architects, both national and international, present the soft power of art based on the principle of ‘unity in diversity’.


Alongside, an Exhibition on the central theme, also titled Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The World Is One Familycurated by Pinakin Patel is being held at Emami Art – KCC, on contemporary art’s relationship to the environment between 26th January – 24th March 2019.  It will highlight how, no matter the geography or time period, the inspiration for all artists is the same. Fascinating artworks by 40 eminent artists from 13 countries, including India are displayed at the exhibition.  Some of the key names are – Ganesh Selvaraj (India), Do Ho Suh (South Korea), Tony Delap (USA), Matthias Bitzer (Germany), Camille Henrot (France), Iftikhar Dadi & Elizabeth Dadi (USA) along with many others will be on display at the exhibition.

“The idea for this conference emerged at a time when the necessity for experimental and courageous debate is growing exponentially across India. The Annual Symposium aims to use KCC and its environs as a creative and artistic platform for a series of inter-disciplinary dialogues, presentation, performances and workshops. The speakers and the participants this year are a milieu of art aficionados from nook and corners of the world. We are opening this conference with a diverse exhibition under the central theme “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” where we have attempted to showcase a palette of world art across geographies”, said Ms. Richa Agarwal, Executive Director, KCC and CEO, Emami Art.


Mr. Pinakin Patel, Creative Director, KCC said, “All artists draw inspiration from their environment, either by correlating different life forms with their sustaining elements.  Beyond earth, water, fire and air, there is ether or spirit. The same spirit that resides in the inert mineral, murmurs within the emotional plant, dreams in the intelligent animals and, is fully alive in the discerning man. This insight gives the artist the ultimate human freedom — the power to choose, respond, and change.  This soft power if collected globally can provide an antidote to the current degenerative chaos in man and nature”.