Advances in heart disease treatment

Eastern India Heart Failure summit is being held for 1st time in Eastern India on 9th & 10th June 2018. This prestigious conference has been coordinated by Society of cardiac Intervention (SCI).  This summit highlights the current therapy, new devices, and new technologies to prolong the life of the patients suffering from chronic heart failure. Now in India Heart disease or more clearly chronic heart failure is increasing day by day due to   the three mejor cardiac risk factors- diabetes, smoking and hypertension mainly and also for the valve related heart disease.  Now what are the causes?  Vast population, increase of average life span, change of life style & food habit are seemed to be the main reason of this life style disease. DR PK Hazra the scientific convenor & Organising secretary has said that So longer you live, ultimately people die due to heart failure. Unlike myocardial infractions where people die early at younger age,  once they survive after heart attack, ultimately they developed muscle related weakness of heart and that is called chronic heart failure. Many of these patients are neglected, not aware of this deadly disease; it is almost equivalent to cancer. When they come for the first time to the doctor, they are quite in advance stages. And they have not followed the preventive measures, which prevent heart disease, thus prevent heart failure. So aging populations increase life expectancy also addict to these problems. In addition to older therapy, there are lots of newer medicines will be discussed in this conference, which is available for treatment of heart failure. Thease are  as new as six months to one year, just been introduced EUROPE and AMERICA and approved by the USA FDA for the first time on human use. Because of the technology transfer and knowledge transfer as become so fast, the INDIAN patients are getting benefit of thise newer molecule medicines earliest. Unlike these technologies and newer therapies use to come to INDIA after a lack period of five to ten years. So we can use newer anti diabetes drug, heart failure drug, smaller device has helped us to fight against heart failure.

This conference interventional cardiologist will talking to how to prevent heart failure, newer treatment to manage critical heart failure due to diabetes, how to rehabilitate heart failure patients, how to reduced cost of newer advanced procedure for heart failure and how to live longer and how to propagate new technology to combat heart failure to the junior doctors. We have the moral duty to pass our knowledge to the newer generation’s doctors, who will be the torch bearer for the future world. This conference of SCI, happening first time in INDIA, where doctors of different streams like general physicians, diabetologists, cardiologists, nephrologists and also professors and medical students all will exchange their views and propagate the  beautiful ideas on prevention & treatment of heart diseases which can prolonged our life. In KOLKATA we will surprised to know that we have done many interventional procedures first time in INDIA for heart failure and other heart diseases. For example, Kolkata is first for wireless pacemaker, wireless defibrillator, stroke therapy, heart transplantation, and many other things. It is our pride that such summit is also happened 1st time in Kolkata too. Dr Prakash mondal and DR. Sarroj Mandal have also addressed to press.