“Access Your Mind Through Meditation And Achieve Success” – Dr. Virat Chirania

BHARAT CHAMBER YOUNG BUSINESS FORUM’ has been launched with an objective to provide a platform to emerging business leaders and facilitate young entrepreneurs to build valuable professional relationship with peers, gain access to prominent business leaders and advance their careers by sharpening professional and personal skills. On the occasion, the Chamber also organised a Talk on ‘Success Sutras’ by Dr. Virat Chirania, TEDx Speaker, Life Coach and Corporate Trainer.

“Development of Soft Skills and cognizance of one’s Emotional Intelligence is critical to success”, said Dr. Virat Chirania, TEDx Speaker, Life Coach and Corporate Trainer at a Talk on ‘Success Sutras’ organised by Bharat Chamber of Commerce on April 10, 2019 at 4.30 p.m. at ‘BHARAT CHAMBERS’, Kolkata. The Talk was organised along with the official Launching of Bharat Chamber Young Business Forum – a platform for emerging business leaders to hone their skills and expertise by interacting with change makers, experts, mentors as well as among themselves. The Talk was attended by young and budding entrepreneurs of the city, industry veterans and students from Business Schools.

Dr. Chirania while speaking to the audience observed that while domain expertise and soft skills are attributes indispensable for achieving success, however,  for sustaining success in the long run it is important to continue to condition one soft skills like patience, leadership, decision making skills and innovative thinking. He said, “India is becoming a hub for innovation and entrepreneurial ideas. In 2016, India had 1400 tech start-ups and incorporation of a large number of Limited Liability companies. The urge to innovate, survive, ability to take risk and self-confidence are essential characteristics of an entrepreneur. Besides, enhancing the ability to diverge ideas or ‘thinking out of the box’ is the way forward to take advantage of opportunities that others cannot.”

Speaking on the importance of being aware of the Emotional Intelligence and having a control over them, Dr. Chirania observed that meditation or Sudrashan Kriya has a huge impact on the enhancement of one’s entrepreneurial abilities. “Meditation can give access to the mind and thereby control human emotions”, he said. He further added that emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, fear etc. has particular breathing patterns which could be controlled through proper breathing exercises used in meditation. “We use the breathing tool in meditation. A lot of stress is flushed out if we breathe properly by using the full lung capacity. The average human being in most time use only 30% of his or her ling capacity. Meditation can result in inner peace and bring out one’s outer dynamism”, he explained

Earlier in his Welcome Address, Mr. Sitaram Sharma, President, Bharat Chamber of Commerce observed that India has a huge demographic dividend if the youth, considered as India’s biggest asset, is  mobilized in a sustainable manner. Considering the Youth Bulge or the expected increase of younger population in future, entrepreneurship, is a valuable additional strategy to create jobs and improve livelihoods as well as economic independence of our people. He said, “Globally, start-ups have become an innovative concept to demonstrate ‘Youth Power’ in trade and industry as well as in the service sectors. The private sector in India along with the Government needs to play a more active role in enhancing the capabilities and skills of India’s youth.”