Café Heritage: healthy food comes closer to home


Well known event manager Mousumi Nayak along with her business partner Sumit Saha officially launched her café cum restaurant Café Heritage which serves both Chinese and Continental food.

The Café is developed with a simple concept and ample space where comfort blends with traditional and elegant style.

Café Heritage   a vibrant new eatery opening on the corner of Rabindra Sarobar Metro and Mudiali crossing , is the latest on a growing list of restaurants revitalizing the Kolkata Food lovers .

Drawing inspiration, the creators of the Café Heritage severs Continental and Chinese and also serve great food. From its inception, the restaurant has been designed to nourish the growing community, satisfying people from all walks of life.
The Café Heritage  serves  grab- and-go breakfasts and lunches, Casual brunch service will begin early and run through mid-afternoon seven days a week, with a menu offering sandwiches, salads, burgers

. All of the ingredients down to the condiments are made in-house or sourced organically and sustainably. Free WiFi is offered in a comfortable
“We really want to have a neighborhood café where people can eat many times a week, and instead of weighing them down, it actually makes them healthier. The concept for our cuisine is very much related to health and happiness. We would like for people to be able to dine here daily and be better for it, by providing them with the best possible options for food they know and love.” ,” Mousumi  said.

“Everything in this place has a story to tell,”  she said. “And the story of this restaurant is tied to the story of this neighborhood – refreshed, revitalized and bursting with energy.”Mousumi added.