Your #YearWithUber Has Arrived!


 Uber, the world’s largest on-demand ride-sharing company, today revealed the top trends of 2017 – interesting data backed insights on how Uber and Uber Eats has touched millions of Indians this year.

Amit Jain, President, Uber India and South Asia said, “In 2017, we were focused on moving from a start-up to a sustainable business in India. As a result, we recorded double-digit growth and continue to clock over a million trips a day. With a vision to decongest cities, we launched products that encourage ridesharing and complement public transportation through reliable first/last mile connectivity. We are excited to see Uber become a preferred mode of commute, leapfrogging car ownership in India. A big thank you to our riders and driver partners for being a part of our journey.”

10 interesting facts about Uber and UberEATS in India:

  1. Uber’s busiest day in India is Friday and the busiest hour of the week is 6 p.m. when riders are perhaps making a speedy get away from work. The most Ubers were taken on the August 11, which also happens to be pre-Independence Day Friday

  1. In Kolkata a single rider took close to 1600 trips this year, while driver partners and riders together travelled 333 million kms in 2017


  1. Rider from Delhi, NCR has taken the highest number of Uber rides – 1,969 trips in 2017, that’s almost 5 trips a day!

2.    uberGO is the most-popular product among riders across the country

3.    Uber riders believe ridesharing can help decongest cities. Bangalore and Hyderabad saw the highest number of uberPOOL trips taken by riders in 2017, followed by Kolkata and Delhi.  A female rider in Hyderabad took a record 1,162 uberPOOL trips this year

4.    Uber India celebrated one year of uberMOTO and completed over 2 million trips in July 2017. A female rider in Delhi, NCR has taken the highest number of uberMOTO trips.

5.    Indians love to travel, and so wherever they went, they preferred to book a ride using the Uber App. Riders from India took Ubers in 566 cities across 80 countries. The most-popular travel destinations include U.S, Singapore, Malaysia, U.K and UAE

6.    A driver partner from Delhi has been driving using the Uber App for over 4 years and 2 months, making him the longest standing driver partner in India in 2017

8.    Uber hit the 500 millionth trip milestone on July 17 this year. Riders and driver-partners have travelled over 5.8 billion KMs together

9.    On May 20, Uber completed 5 billion trips globally. India emerged as the second-largest contributor to the global milestone, after the U.S. Driver partners across Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune simultaneously clocked the 5 billionth trip.

10. UberEATS expanded into 6 cities in 7 months in India. Highest number of orders we made on June 18 and the most ordered dishes on Uber Eats were Samosa Chole, Aloo Tikki Burger and Chicken Biryani. While Indian cuisine continued to top the list of most ordered cuisines by Indians, it was closely followed by Middle Eastern and American. Cairns, Adelaide, Bangkok, Gold Coast and New Castle were five other cities that enjoyed Indian food.

To celebrate the journeys of riders, consumers, drivers and courier partners, the company also announced the launch of Year With Uber – an interactive and shareable visualization of the way people moved across cities.

Launching across Asia-Pacific today, Year with Uber turns trip data into personalised, animated music videos, bringing to life memorable moments from Uber trips over the past 12 months. It offers a trip down musical memory lane through a data-driven experience that turns their Uber trip history into a personalised year-in-review music video. Each video is created with scenes informed by a riders riding patterns, making the music video unique to them.

According to Sanjay Gupta, Head of Marketing, Uber India, the campaign aims to bring together data and moments, among them Indian cultural elements and festivals. “We are excited to launch a campaign that takes inspiration from the everyday experiences of our riders across over 100 cities in the Asia-Pacific region, including 29 cities in India.”