Wrong Number: a journey fraught with comic misadventures

Photo courtesy : Amlan Biswas

Recently, Centre Stage Creations and Sanskriti Sagar brought down the play Wrong Number.Wrong Number is basically an out and out humorous play. The play, by the production house, Felicity Theatre, directed by theatre and television director Raman Kumar,follows three married couples whose lives are entwined with confusions and suspicions. This rib tickling comedy with a large dose of Bollywood glamour enthralled the audiences in Kolkata. The play stars well-known names like Rakesh Bedi, Tanaaz Irani, Delnaaz Irani, Avtar Gill, Kishwar Merchant, and Rahul Bhuchar.

It is one of those plays which are absolutely performance oriented. Veteran comedian and actor Rakesh Bedi plays the role  of a boss, named Yashwant Singh, of a very big company, who is married to a girl(Kishwer Merchant)several years younger than him, whom he met in London. She is having an affair with one of the boss’ employees (Rahul Bhuchar). He  is a very forgetful man and is so forgetful that he dials a number and forgets about whom he has to talk to. But he is running this 100-crore company. As he is forgetful, everybody is taking advantage of him, including his wife. And because of his forgetful nature, he mumbles up and jumbles up the whole scenario of the affair.

The uniqueness of the play lies in the fact that the stage is not divided into houses. There is no wall between two households.  They create the scene simultaneously in both the houses. The characters of one house look at each other but they don’t look at the characters of the other house. The lack of a dividing line, is a reflection on modern day relationships and the play shows mirror to society in a humorous way.