Women Power and Your Health


-Luke Coutinho

In my line of work i get to see , understand and feel the end of the spectrum patient when it comes to their health and emotions and if there is anything i have learnt over the last few years is that too many women out there live in fear and insecurity and its not their fault.

In this chaotic and competitive world where media drives an image of how women need to be to be considered successful is flawed.

Number 1:  You don’t have to compare yourself to men when it comes to success, be it in business, entrepreneurship, finances, etc. You need to compare yourself to you and only you. Are you a better version of yourself today then you were yesterday?

Comparison to others will only depress you further, because there will always, always be someone more successful, richer, prettier or fitter than you and you cannot go a lifetime trying to be the best. But you can aim to be the best version of yourself and that will make you happy.

Number 2:  Our pre historic ancestors who lived off the land as hunters-gatherers relied heavily on their feelings and instincts. Their survival depended on them being in touch with their feelings and sensations in their body.

In today’s highly structured, mechanized society, we have lost touch with ourselves and suppressed many of our feelings.We have numbed or we numb ourselves with cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, television, social media, over socializing and spiritual fads. This is not normal and natural to nature or the laws of the human body.

There used to be a day when a bad day was just a bad day, but today, as humans we need to cope with that bad day. We don’t want to feel it or go thru it. We need to make a bad day better by drinking, eating out, partying, or whatever else, that’s not a bad thing until it becomes a habit, but we must be aware, we have become so good at coping and not wanting to feel our feeling. All this leads to that feeling of having everything , but yet feeling empty inside.

There will always be good, bad, happiness sadness, anger, jealousy, sloth, greed, lust, etc,,,always,,we can aim to start being ok to feel all of these, without immediately looking for coping tools or mechanisms.

As a women, you are built to talk, gossip, express. These actions are hormone driven and that why suppressing only makes one feel worse. Express, let it out, don’t be afraid to be who you truly want to be or say what you want to say.

I say this and strongly encourage emotional detoxification, because emotional internalization is fast becoming one of the root causes of many many diseases including cancer.

Take care of yourselves and your health. Put yourself first, not in a selfish way, but because you need a healthy and strong you to take care of others.

Don’t get lost and blinded in this whole ‘ i love myself and put myself first ‘ misconception. Yes, everyone should love themselves and put themselves first but the right, way and not in a selfish way, for there is true happiness, bliss and joy to be found in doing service to others and our communities, partners and family.

Happy Woman’s day to all of you out there…you’ll are far stronger than you think and I’m actually beginning to see many men out there far more emotionally weaker than women, anyway, il probably talk about that if there’s ever a ‘ Man’s day’ to celebrate 🙂