Women as game-changers

Annu Aggarwal, Iconic Actor, Model & Monk Philanthropist

For the first time in Kolkata, DiSRUPPt Thinking proudly presented the Women Leadership Summit 2018 . The summit was a day-long leadership and professional development conference for all women and men. India, as a country can now boast of women leaders across various sectors viz. defense, banking and financial services, information technology, media, entertainment, politics, etc. among many others.

DiSRUPPt Thinking, owned and founded by Lokesh Nathany brought together outstanding achievers from the world of business, entrepreneurship, entertainment, media, sports, politics, and social space to form a forum. The summit aimed at enabling the doers to learn and be inspired by the journey, life lessons and experiences of the achievers from different fields.

Lokesh said, “The summit would feature keynote panel discussions, and one-on-one interviews with the guests.” He also went on to add, “These sessions would challenge the status quo and bring out the real you, which will truly create a disruption and break through the process. “ The delegates included CXOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, arts, sports, social services, IT, senior government officials, senior leaders and budding professionals across a wide range of industries including business, government, arts, sports, social services, IT, telecom, banking, FMCG, healthcare, media and entertainment.

The event set off with welcome speech by Lokesh Nathany and Saira Shah Halim, Social activist and educator, who inducted the session by saying, “ We wanted to open a channel for others to open up and share with Kolkata what empowerment is. “ With moderator Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee, the summit started with various topics and speakers from different fields shedding light upon them. Dr. Jyoti Kiran Shukla, an economist and academician and BJP spokesperson (Rajasthan) said, “This moment is yours and it will decide what your future will be.” Among other speakers author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu mentioned during her session, “We should own our voices-artistic, sexual or professional.

Mallika Sarabhai, activist, Indian classical dancer and Padma Bhushan Award receiver also graced the occasion with her presence and powerful talk sharing her life lessons. She said, “ The process of not holding ourselves back begins with this deep atma manthan and realizing what one actually wants to become.” The day long event was filled with such enlightening and enthusiastic exchanges between the panelists and the audience. This event not only aimed at empowering women but also established the importance of both men and women working side by side to uplift the society.

Oraganisers Saira Shah Halim and Lokesh Nathany

Chaitali Das, Humanitarian, Social Entrepreneur spoke about inclusive society which is not possible without empowering the rural women, she mentioned about circular economy by reusing the waste like making newspaper bags, gift bags, organic farming. She wants to showcase jute story beyond Bars products made by the inmates beyond barriers and boundaries across the globe.

Other keynote speakers included, Anu Aggarwal, actress and one of the first super-models of India; Alokananda Roy, Indian Classical dancer and social reformer, Shivani Malik, Marketing Director, Da Milano; Chaitali Das, Managing Director of Rakshak Foundation; author Devdan Chaudhuri; Dr. Fuad Halim, National spokesperson for the CPI(M); Aparna Andrews and Raymond Andrews, founder of Biryani Blues; Dr. Falguni Vasavada-Oza, advertising professor; Prateek  and Priyanka Raja, founder of Experimenter Gallery; Rahul Narvekar, founder, The Indian Network & Scale Ventures; Santasree Chaudhuri, Women’s Rights activist and poet; Shabina Nishat Omar, Professor & H.O.D. , English, Milli Al-Ameen College for girls, Ms. Mahalakshmi, Director HR of Mondelez, C Pallavi Rao Narvekar, Group Head, CSR, Radio Mirchi.