“Women are better off today, but still far from being equal with men”

Bhaveshree at the Kolkata Press club to launch the Harley Foods Products.

Bhaveshree Davda is a Social Activist, Leadership Consultant, Trainer, Doctor (Naturopathy Expert) & Business woman

Q) What motivates you to engage in social work?

A) I am most motivated, when faced with unforeseen or even expected challenges and overcoming them would be a good idea. I thrive on coming up with new ways of approaching tasks or projects, being innovative and finding more new effective ways of working .

Q) Which of the social issues are you most passionate about?

A) The lack of empathy in our society and the seemingly complete unwillingness to put themselves in other people’s shoes (I’m guilty of this too). I feel this way because from my eyes it seems that we are becoming colder and colder and people only want things to be white or black. No one has any grey areas anymore and no one is willing to seat a bit on the fence and look at why things are happening like they are.

Q) Who is your role model in social work?

A) Albert  Einstein

Q)How would you evaluate the status of women today?

A)Women are better off today, but still far from being equal with men. Things have certainly improved for women, but at the top of both industry and government the faces remain stubbornly male

Q)Rape and women-related crimes have increased. What are your thoughts?

A) Although women may be victims of any of the general crimes such as ‘murder’, ‘robbery’, ‘cheating’, etc. only the crimes which are directed specifically against women are characterized as ‘crimes against women’. Various new legislation have been brought and amendments have been made in existing laws with a view to handle these crimes effectively. But still it’s increased.

Q)How is entrepreneurship and working women important for India as a whole?What advice would you give to women who want to start a business?

A)From an Indian context, we need to have more women entrepreneurs. It is important not only for economic well-being, and that it makes business sense, etc., but also from a societal perspective. If children have working mothers, they treat women very differently, with a lot of respect. So when they marry, they will treat their wives differently. They will give their daughters a chance to succeed.A die-hard entrepreneur at heart,  I helps people define what true entrepreneurship is and what it takes to be a leader, and helps people dispel the myths of businesses.”First, to do the stuff I want to do, but you have to deliver value and do it consistently, and second, you should be able to have a clarity of thought. A true entrepreneur can explain what they do in any language that his stakeholder needs to understand it. You should be able to explain it to yourself and have clarity.

Q)Does the rise of women athletes in India point towards a society that is learning to value its girls?

A) It’s only one part to look at it, there are still cases of Girl hatred  in India. For an overall change in the society its still a long way to go.


Pic- Pradip Bose