Whooppee : one of city’s largest indoor amusement zone


One of the big concerns of today’s parents is to keep their kids busy and active. Moreover, parents don’t want their kids to only spend their childhood in front of computers or mobiles. It is very important for a child to play freely to relax and have fun. To bridge this gap, Whooppeeis a new uber cool destination for kids to not only play but to also learn, dance and have a ball opened their doors to the city of joy.

Located at 14, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata, Whooppee stands true to its name. It is a destination where the kids will shout with excitement, happiness and amusement. Whooppee, is one of city’s largest indoor amusement zone spread at whopping 8400 sq.ft. area, for kids from the age of 6 months to 12 years.

It is specially designed in Italy by the world’s best indoor park designers keeping in mind the safety and the well-being of the kids. Extra attention is given to all the aspects of creating the space for children. All the materials are made of food quality colour and are non-toxic.

Apart from this, Whooppee, provides a very healthy environment indoors by balancing the temperature and fresh air control. An air freshness machine has been installed from Japan to keep the indoors with optimum oxygen levels so that the kids enjoy their play time without any hassle within an enclosed area.

On the occasion, Ms. Swati More, owner of Whooppee said, “As a mother, I found there are not enough places where kids could have a good play time additionally be safe too. Hence, this idea cropped up to me why not create a child proof indoor play area in Kolkata as every child deserves to learn, play and grow in a safe environment. There are a lot of exciting attractions at Whooppee. The first attraction is India’s first kids’ discothèque painted in neon colours and soft gel flooring with high end sound and light system. The second attraction is the Circuit racing for not only the younger ones to enjoy but also the adults. Whooppee is a space where children can safely explore interactive play areas by navigating through the maze area, discover their imaginations through various activities, while having unadulterated fun. We are really happy that we received a very warm welcome in the city of joy. We plan to expand pan India in the years to come.”

Whooppee, is divided into the following 4 zones:

Zone 1 consists of mother and toddler area containing of a small gym structure and a ball pool, cushioned slides, fish water bed, soft play, wall games and other ride-ons. This zone also contains the role playing corner, where doll house and supermarket soft puzzle blocks, different kinds of slides, tunnels and much more are located.

Zone 2 is a huge structure with 18 different kinds of activities and obstacles for the age group of 4-12. This area has gun ball shooting, buddha bridge, swing, slide, ball pool, trampoline, Rock climbing and Lego wall is also located to keep the kids physically and mentally active.

Zone 3 is another area with some of the amazing games such as projector ball throw, sand table, real time fishing pond and video games. A carousel for younger ones is in this zone too. DIY candy floss machine and lollipop vending machine are here for children. Circuit racing and the kids disco is also located in this zone.

In Zone 4, Whooppee’s cafeteria is managed by the city’s best café Chai Break offering some lip smacking delicacies for everyone on the go as well as kids birthday parties.