Whole of India’s NorthEast comes together in India’s first ever multilingual film

The North-East is one of the most beautiful and mysterious parts of India and the least explored and understood. The news that trickles out of the media is mostly bad and we only hear about the kidnappings, bomb blasts, ambushes and other such events. What remains hidden is the beautiful land with beautiful people, completely innocent, peace loving, artistic and eager to be heard and as Indian as you and me.

The makers of India’s first truly multilingual film and one of the biggest films from the Northeast, ‘III Smoking Barrels’, released the trailer . The film which comprises of six languages including Hindi and English has been shot across the Northeast as well as three international borders at some of the most breathtakingly beautiful locales. Focusing mainly on human relationships, the film seamlessly blends the different languages to enhance the storytelling in a very entertaining way, thus offering a vividly emotional experience like never before.The film will release in theatres on 21st September 2018.

‘III Smoking Barrels’ highlights some of the biggest issues that the Northeast faces. It is the first time where the whole of India’s northeast comes together in a single film.It weaves together three of the biggest challenges that people of the Northeast face – children caught in arm conflicts, drug abuse and animal poaching. The lead star cast features an ensemble cast of Indraneil Sengupta, Subrat Dutta, Shiny Gogoi, Siddharth Boro, Mandakini Goswami and Amrita Chattopadhyay among others. ‘III Smoking Barrels’ is written and directed by debutant director Sanjib Dey who has been nominated for the Grand Newcomer Award at the 66th International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany in 2017.

Award winning writer and director of the film SanjibDey who has assisted prominent filmmakers like GovindNihalani, Habib Faisal, R. Sarath, Sekhar Ghosh and Australian director Sean Lynch for an international TV show says, “It’s a big moment for our entire cast and crew as we finally launch the trailer of our film ‘III Smoking Barrels’. This film has been really very close to our heart for more reasons than one. The film was filmed over a period of two years set in various politically sensitive locations in Northeast India. There were innumerable hurdles like deaths, accidents, lack of infrastructures and threats but the most difficult hurdle was finding a bunch of fresh actors for various challenging roles. The film speaks about the whole of the Northeast representing the special region which is a warehouse of 8 provinces, more than 200 dialects, huge ethnic diversities, rich natural resources and yet encompassed with many conflicts and hard hitting issues.”