Where cancer patients turn survivors


Blood cancer in many cases, is a controllable disease, but most people get afraid about this like other cancer. Besides treatment, counseling is needed. In this circumstances like every year Dr. Soumyo Bhattarcharya, eminent hematologist and head of the department of hemato-oncology, organizes Blood Cancer Survivors meet at Rotary Sadan Kolkata, on behalf of Picnic Garden Lila Seva Society. This meet is named Ujjibon-2017. The idea is to take the patients and their relatives away from the depression, anxiety, fear of a cancer hospital, and expose them to a world of amusement, hope and enjoyment. In this gathering the patients and eminent artists, perform at same stage. The overall impression is the victory of the hope and optimism over depression and defeatism. About hundreds of patients have been present to this meet. In the survivor Meet, the patients and their relatives share their experience of war against this disease. After this meet, the cultural program has been performed with full of joy.

Blood cancer is a dreaded disease. However, today many patients conquer the war of these cancers by the latest treatment including Chemo Therapy and bone marrow transplant (BMT) and survive many years along with life style modification diet and nutrition with normal life. DR. Soumya Bhattacharya has said that ‘Ujjiban’ is a program that celebrates their fight not only with disease but also with the uncountable social and economic obstacles. Such type of survivor meet inspires the patients and their families to fight against cancer.

Besides cultural program, a historical Bengali Novel- ‘Natun Alo’ (written on the background of Bengali Renaissance) and a music Album named ‘Shrabaner Dharar Moto’ (Album of 8 Rabindra Sangeets) of DR. Soumya Bhattacharya have been launched.