“We provide personalized service to anyone wanting to raise funds.”


Annesha Das, Director, Krowdcircle
Annesha Das, Director, Krowdcircle

Krowdcircle (www.krowdcircle.com) is a unique and advanced crowd-funding platform that seeks to connect distinct individuals and registered NGOs in need with the civil society all over the world. This connection fosters into fundraising of monies for distinct causes.  Abhijit Ganguly speaks with Annesha Das, Director, Krowdcircle.



What made you step into the world of crowdfunding?

I have been closely associated with crowdfunding organisation in UK. I realized the immense power crowdfunding has in mustering support from people worldwide. There are so many causes that people relate to, transcending geographical boundaries, wishing to extend their hand of help. Our vision is to bridge the gap between helping hands to people needing help through crowdfunding in India.


In your opinion why is crowdfunding important today? Is crowdfunding the next big thing in India?

I ardently feel, with the surge of population, there is a plethora of issues that needs to get addressed, social or personal. Crowdfunding gives us an edge to take care of such situations in unison. For an instance, I am a dog lover and occasionally I contribute towards sterilizing them in my area. But, it is not always possible for me to do it alone. Crowdfunding is an effective means to share any noble cause and garner support from people who share similar sentiments.  As the quote goes, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much“

Crowdfunding has evolved globally in a rapid way. India having 35% population using Internet and more Facebook users than USA, we do believe crowdfunding is the next big thing in India. Crowdfunding is all about showcasing causes using Internet to larger audience that are willing to help. With the power of Internet users in India, we are positive that larger number of issues will be address through crowdfunding creating a direct impact on society.



How do you see Krowdcircle offerings in comparison with other crowdfunding platforms?

Personal Touch! May it be a small or a large amount that needs to be raised; we provide personalized service to anyone wanting to raise funds. Not only do we conduct seminars and workshops to encourage aspiring social entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ideas of fundraising, we also help fundraisers express their causes more explicitly and train them ways of achieving their funding goals.

What according to you are the key ingredients to make a perfect crowdfunding campaign?

Content, visual and written. A cause backed by effective content that touches the sentiments of a potential donor backed with individual or an organization that has dire concern for the cause are the key ingredient to running a successful campaign.

What advice do you have for startups considering crowdfunding?

Well…. “if you have the right idea or a cause, we can find way to raise funds for it.”