“Vision for Innovation”, curriculum to fit the needs of a globally connected market



Techno India University, West Bengal, the first and only AICTE approved private university in the state, has completely redesigned its curriculum to fit the needs of a globally connected market and will provide 2000 new jobs in high tech every year, through its own industries in India and Germany as well as its international partners worldwide.

After having been mentored by some world leaders in these emerging technologies during his studies in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Paris, Meghdut Roy Chowdhury, the new Director of Global Operations has come back to help innovate and inculcate some of these ideas amongst the youth of India. Starting this upcoming academic year, Techno India University will be providing a new age curriculum to help its students better equip themselves to become the leaders of tomorrow in the field of emerging technologies. He says, “In a world where Uber is the largest taxi company without owning a single car, and Airbnb is the largest hotel company without having spent any money on buying properties, if our students are not thinking about educating themselves with the next big technologies, they will fall behind the rest of the world.”

The Entrepreneurship Skill Development (ESD) programme was conceived by the Chairman of Techno India Group and Chancellor of Techno India University, Shri Goutam Roy Chowdhury in 2014 to promote entrepreneurship and self employment amongst the students. Since then, hundreds of innovative products and startup companies have been launched under his mentorship at Technopreneurs’ Surrogate Ventures, the co-working space/incubation centre on campus. Just this year, 300+ projects were showcased by students of 1st year to 3rd year, out of which 9 projects were shortlisted. The Top 3 were awarded a prize of Rs. 1 Lakh each to build commercial prototypes.

One of the most interesting and socially relevant projects that came out of the ESD was the “Women’s and children’s safety device”, which was built by Chahat Bhotika, Anubhav Ghosh and Samidhya Karmakar, of Techno India University. This bag keeps posting pictures on social media accounts at regular intervals to let parents and loved ones know that they are safe.  “Every lady carries a bag when she goes outside and every kid who goes to school has a bag. It’s not possible for a kid to handle a device or activate a button when in trouble. Anytime there is a possibility of a woman or child getting abducted or raped, this bag notifies the concerned people with their own social networking account automatically. You don’t have to press any button”, explains the team. Their smart bag already has a patent, has been featured on CNN IBN and has helped this team win the “Innovation Jockeys” competition organised by Accenture.

Notably, Techno India University’s foreign exchange programs have also come of age, with the International Office hitting the 500 mark in less than 4 years in terms of student exchanges and internship programs abroad. Debarun Chakraborty, one of the students from the first batch of TIU, was part of the 15 day study trip at the European Centre for Robotics and Mechatronics in Aachen, Germany. He went back to do a 6-month internship there during his final year and is now successfully placed at Microsoft.