Vijay : Life of struggle and hope


Amitabh Bachchan’s favourite screen name is Vijay, and he has done some odd 20 film with the same screen name. Recently the short film titled Vijay was released . Directed by Saibal Mukherjee it takes about life struggles. Struggling every moment to survive-the basic concept of life. Vijay potrays a struggle, a fight against social, economic and political exploitation that a person endeavours through out his life.  Yashpal Sharma, the renowned actor from Bollywood plays the role of the protagonist . The other main actors are Dulal Lahiri, Rumki Chatterjee and Raja Dutta.

Movies give us more than just entertainment. They become inspirational after making us emotional. Everything and everywhere which involves time should be made worth learning. The film managed to strike the right chord.It gives inspiration to the youth of the country that even he/she can bring a change in the society