Unique walk celebrating the cause of Paralympics and disability sports at large


The para athletes have always faced obstacles in their social and personal frontiers. Even the excellent performance by the para athletes in Rio paralympics have not changed the scenario. India give its best performance till date in the games by bagging to Gold 2 silver and 1 bronze medals. For javelin throw Devendra Jhajharia broke the world record to win the gold medal.  In high jump, Mariyappan Thangavelu became the first Indian to win gold on 9th September last year. In shot put, Arjuna Awardee Deepa Malik created history by being the first woman in the country to win a silver medal in paralympics.  Varun Singh Bhati also won bronze in high jump. In spite of all these achievements, the condition of Bengal & Indian Paralympic societies and circles are quite detrimental.

Every year on 28th of August WE, Civilian Welfare Foundation, conduct a unique walk celebrating the cause of Paralympics and disability sports at large. The primary agenda of the walk is to make the masses aware of the sports and increase visibility of the sport in the media. The unique aspect of the walk is that it is first of its kind initiative in the world where disabled athletes, students and most importantly achievers at large walk to champion the cause of Paralympics sports. The walk creates a visual wonder where the para athletes participate wearing their medals- a specter that provides inspiration to many.


To help these deserving individuals and para-athletes Civilian Welfare Foundation has started a scheme: “Adopt a para Athlete” for a minimum of Rs. 1500 /month for 1 year, where the money provided by an individual or groups will be directly remitted to the athlete. With these small steps, any individual or group can come forward and turn their dreams into reality, promote them and help India to progress as a nation worldwide. You can register on the day of the walk for adoption of a para-athlete or you can contact 9830167177/9163308675 to know in details and help in this humble endeavor.


Worth mentioning here according to Right to person with disabilities Act 2017 Sports is an important part with the following articles.

  1. The appropriate Government and the local authorities shall endeavour that all educational institutions funded or recognised by them provide inclusive education to the children with disabilities and towards that end shall admit them without discrimination and provide education and opportunities for sports and recreation activities equally with others
  2. The appropriate Government shall take measures to ensure effective participation in sporting activities of the persons with disabilities.
  3. The sports authorities shall accord due recognition to the right of persons with disabilities to participate in sports and shall make due provisions for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in their schemes and programmes for the promotion and development of sporting talents.
  4. Without prejudice to the provisions contained in sub-sections (2) and (3), the appropriate Government and the sports authorities shall take measures to,—

(a) restructure courses and programmes to ensure access, inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in all sporting activities;

(b) redesign and support infrastructure facilities of all sporting activities forpersons with disabilities;

(c) develop technology to enhance potential, talent, capacity and ability in sporting activities of all persons with disabilities;

(d) provide multi-sensory essentials and features in all sporting activities to ensure effective participation of all persons with disabilities;

(e) allocate funds for development of state of art sport facilities for training of persons with disabilities;

(f) promote and organise disability specific sporting events for persons with disabilities and also facilitate awards to the winners and other participants of such sporting events.

5.     Without prejudice to any function and power of Rehabilitation Council of India constituted under the Rehabilitation Council of I India Act, 1992, the appropriate Government shall endeavour to develop human resource for the purposes of this Act and to that end shall conduct training programmes for sports teachers with focus on sports, games, adventure activities;