Tune in to a career in DJing

Disc Jockeys have been around in Indian metros for quite some time now, many pursuing it as a part-time opportunity to earn some extra money. But DJing has now become a serious career option. Djing as a profession is evolving in India with more and more people taking the plunge. The rise has been reflected in the last three-four years. People today want entertainment and with an increasing number of people going out to party and scores of clubs opening, the profession has gained a lot of potential

Challenging the popular perception, Akhil said, “A DJ remixes an original piece of music for greater good of the dance genre and further popularizes the track and artist. He cited the examples of below 30 years old DJs who have made it to the Forbes list of richest men.”

“Most musicians and academies state that there is no place in the music world for a person who cannot play an instrument or sing. Our academy has shown enthusiasts an alternative path to success,” said Akhil at the academy’s inauguration in Kolkata.

Partymap aims at opening 60 more such centers, including UAE, USA and Bangladesh. In a bid to increase their centers and make entrepreneurs out of DJs, they have adopted the franchisee model of business. The company strives to maintain the strictest standards of professionalism, even at the franchisees. With a staff strength of 50 including counsellors, managers and faculty, the academy strives to follow a strict code of ethics within the vibrant and lively centers. “We are the next big thing in the music space,” says Akhil.

What started as an online talent booking company in 2009 and changed the way DJs are hired by clubs, has metamorphosed into a flourishing DJ academy in 2011. DJ Akhil came on board and better times followed.  “The DJ industry now rakes in the moolah with top DJs earning in crores” said Akhil. The entry of Sunburn in India and Tomorrowland, UMF etc. abroad is acting as boosters.

In Kolkata, Students can pursue the courses spread over a span of two to six months to either become a music producer and create music or to become a professional DJ and perform.

Partymap has centers running full-house in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Surat, Thane Mumbai – Andheri, Borivali, Charni Road, Chandivali presently and now in Kolkata too. Brand ambassador DJ Akhil was the star attraction during the inauguration in Kolkata and showed a couple of moves on the mixer and the console.