Tripura Fest showcases rich cultural diversity of Tripura


Recently, My Home India organized “Tripura Fest” in Kolkata. It’s an initiative to bring all the people of Tripura under one umbrella and to unite them. The opening session saw a soiree of music and dance of the region followed by an electrifying performance Indian Idol Winner, Sourabhee Debbarma.  While Nirvaya and Chakrabyuha bands from Tripura set the stage on fire with their popular songs.

Tribal culture and Bengali culture have blended magnificently in Tripura. The cultural heritage of one community differs from the other. But in spite of the different ethnic groups maintaining their distinct cultural identities, the many faceted efforts have mingled into a single whole giving birth to a unique cultural genre.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that unemployment continues to be an issue in the Northeast states like Tripura .It’s because of the lack of well-paying jobs that a substantial number of youth migrate to cities like Kolkata. ‘My Home India’ recently initiated a pilot project aptly named ‘Helpline Tripura’ to give these helping hand in issues like health, education, livelihood and protection.

Sourabhee Debbarma said “Its always a great feeling to meet people from my own state in other places. The music scene in Tripura is very good. Earlier, the parent’s usually didn’t want their children to pursue art and culture. These days they tend to encourage their children to take up music.”

The organisers are looking to familiarise people across India to the culture and various other aspects of Tripura. Sanoj Kumar, West Bengal, Delhi & Manipur  –Incharge, My Home India said “It is our constant attempt to promote the spirit of unity and brotherhood and to clear any apprehensions that the rest of the nation has about our fellow citizens from the North-East.”