-by Carmelita Pittman 

 There are those who watch what is going on, those that want to know what is going on, and those who do their best to do something about what is going on.  There is a beautiful woman who is doing her best to make a difference to improve the status of world conditions who  is addressed by many titles.   She has worn the description of philanthropist  Queen of Beverly Hills , Global Peace Leader.  She is a friend to the homeless, the disadvantaged.  And now  she continues to travel around the world making friends with global leaders and promoting peace, Queen Dame Dr. Munni Irone.  

     In the the city of Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi oversaw a tree planting which she initiated in an historical garden.  The tree planting was organized by the Honorary  Sonal Joshi, an advocate and prominent public figure.   This was also the occasion of their Independence Day in which Dame Munni Irone also raised the flag with other delegates.  She attended an interfaith event in Mumbai where she was a special guest in the company of His Holiness Dalai Lama , Baba Ram Dev which was organized by  Dr. Lokesh Muni, a global peace leader.   Her next stop was Sri Lanka where she met with seven ministers, speakers of the Parliament who gave her a gift.  A tree planting  was held at the United Nations headquarters next to a statue of Ghandi. She was named  as United Nations peace ambassador and governor  by the United Nations group at that occasion. The following day a Peace Summit was held at the Hebron Eco  University  where she received an Honorary Doctorate degree and a gold medal.  The highest honor was the naming of the campus after her.  At that occasion she wore clothing designed by Charitt Wijesekera  with make-up by Ayeasiha Wijesekera.  A prominent singer, Nayoni Weerattulize performed.  While in India other names which she acknowledges are Tharindu Wijenayake, make-up artist Sonia Manchanda, designer Bivya Narang.   Following her stay in Sri Lanka she ventured to Nepal, where tree plantings were held two days.  

      Ms Irone has recently returned  to the U.S.A. from a string of trips to London, Taiwan, Australia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Morocco,France, Italy,  India and recently  landed in New York where she attended the United Nations meeting.   Ms. Irone and her counterparts have taken the mission of peace to heart.  It is imperative that like minded individuals multiply the sentiments to unite the world with love and peace.  Love makes the world go around.   It is actually the most powerful weapon in the world.


     With the spiritual awakening granted to Dame  Irone from her  Shifu  mentor at  age 7, then her second Shifu mentor, Dr. Hong of FOWPal Federation , she meditates daily, soaking in the higher  spiritual vibration to take her to another dimension.  Instead of teaching she shares her lifestyle of calmness and contentment.  It is not by chance that she has joined forces with like-minded individuals on this planet.   Her travels have taken her to many experiences and leaving a mark behind which  continues to resonate with world leaders.  While in London she experienced prejudice from a young individual but her response of peace and love startled and inspired  the bystanders.  She wishes such an attitude to help heal and lead by example.   

      Included in her role as a peace leader she has initiated several tree plantings in the countries she has visited with the participation of large gatherings of those communities. While attending such events she has always represented a regal image and has worn original fashions created by top fashion designers from the various countries she has visited.  While abroad she has become a media sensation, interviewed  on television and covered in the press. 

       With the blessings and collaboration  of various global leaders she is looking forward to a bringing about a Global Peace Festival Sept. 21, 2018. The slogan is “Our Heart to Your Heart, Love and Peace”  and “We are One”  which has become her mantra. She will seek collaboration of peace leaders to make this event a reality. She initiated this project last year when she traveled to Africa with Pepper Jay.  She is currently also  collaborating  with the iconic  Alston Koch, princess of Bollywood  Jacqueline Hernandez.  Amongst the individuals whose paths she crossed she wishes to acknowledge and thank Dr. Veneeta Kapoor, Normal That, Mr & Mrs. Ajay Raj Sumarji, Angel Salon CEO Rupa Chhetri.