Too many selfies could make your elbows stressed out and develop a Selfie Elbow


More than an integral part of a human being’s life ‘selfies’ have become mandatory nowadays. If we go to any part of the city we will end up seeing people clicking selfies randomly. Our own Prime Minister is a tech savvy person who likes to get clicked specially selfies with host of other world leaders. The case is same with top celebrities around the world.

Research has shown that clicking pictures makes a person happier in life. For every reason people are clicking selfies to capture moments of their lives. But has this habit of clicking selfies become an obsession? Doctor Sanjay Garg, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist – Fortis Hospitals, Anandapur, E M Bypass, Kolkata said, “Just like gambling, selfie is an obsession. It acts more as a status symbol nowadays providing immense self-pleasure to individuals.”

Recent trends are showing that as many as 25 percent cellphone users in Kolkata are suffering from ‘selfie elbow’. Wonder what might be a ‘selfie- elbow’? Well it’s more on the lines of ‘tennis elbow’ or ‘golfer’s elbow’. The new sensation of taking ‘selfies’ is certainly taking a toll on a person’s health. While taking a selfie a person generally has to bend the elbow with his or her’s palm pointing inwards. This type of activity in regular intervals is enough to put pressure on the extensor muscles.

“Excessive use of the hand at an awkward angle and that too repeatedly will eventually lead to pain and swelling of the tendons.’’ Said Dr. Ronen Roy, Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, E M Bypass, Kolkata. This is exactly what is causing ‘selfie elbows’, overuse of the extensor muscles leading to pain in the tendons and eventually causing tendinitis.

From a banker to a class XII student in Kolkata everyone is obsessed with selfies; Doctors are puzzled with the influx of patients reportedly suffering from ‘selfie- elbows’. With selfies being the new style statement the number of patients are expected to rise in the upcoming days.