#TideGivesExtra :new benchmark of Whiteness


Tide Plus, one of the leading fabric care brands in India from P&G, today introduced NEW TIDE PLUS with EXTRA POWER at Big Bazaar. Tide Plus, in its new avatar with Extra Power, comes with a better formulation that ensures superior cleaning, brilliant whiteness and enhanced fragrance – all in all a much-improved laundry experience. Leading television sensation Anita Hassanandani Reddy who is known for her roles across various TV soaps like Kkavyanjali, including her current role of Shagun Arora in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein unveiled the superior Tide Plus with Extra Power in the city today at Big Bazaar at Sealdah Commercial Complex. She also kicked off Tide’s new campaign #TideGivesExtra.

Tide has always stood for surprising whiteness, while adding a bit of humour to the otherwise mundane laundry chores.  The same spirit is brought to life in the new communication, based on a very real and relatable insight – everyone wants something extra, and something better! Especially in their important role of wives and mothers, women in India are on constantly striving to give the best to their family and children. They always seek some extra benefit, something better that helps them makes their families lives better. This is true in life and for laundry as well. She strives to give her laundry a superior clean, especially on important clothes like her child’s uniforms – she wants to ensure that they are not just clean, but extra clean! Tide, with its extra Power, can now be her accomplice, and give her the ‘Extra Power’ to get superior clean.

Tide Plus is one of India’s favourite detergent brandsand has been on a journey of consistent innovation. Over last 2 years, this is the second product upgrade, and the new avatar of Tide Plus now comes with EXTRA POWER – extra whiteness, extra cleaning, extra fragrance extra benefit and extra marks to the mother. Tide Plus Extra Power has the inbuilt power of bar and a superior product formulation that ensures brilliant whiteness. In addition, you also have a choice of 3 pleasing fragrances – Jasmine & Rose, Lemon & Mint, or Talcum Freshness.

Anita Hassanandani Reddy said, “My husband and I both love our whites. A vibrant white outfit is a sure hit! But maintaining whites is a very difficult task. I hate it when my favourite white outfit gets dirty and dull.  We try our best to maintain our whites but it’s not easy especially given our hectic lifestyle, a couple of washes and it’s all downhill from there. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth stressing so much over laundry anyway? But stress no more! I have found my laundry stress buster in New Extra Power Tide and I am amazed at its results. This better than ever before Tide Plus promises and delivers superior cleanliness, enhanced fragrance and surprisingly brilliant whiteness. Clearly, TideGivesExtra.”

In its own cheeky avatar, this very insight is what the new Tide commercial brings to life. Talking about the campaign, Sonali Dhawan, Marketing Director, P&G India and Fabric Caresaid, “For a mother, a key expression of her love and care is ensuring she gives her children the best possible, so they do their best in life. She is always striving to do a little more, wherever possible, for her family and kids. It is the same spirit that she brings even to her laundry, where she strives for the best possible clean – especially important garments like school uniforms. Tide brings this to life in an enjoyable campaign, where a mother benchmarks her son’s white uniform with other white benchmarks in a series of funny interactions with her kid. In true Tide style, the new TVC is a fun, quirky take on how white is your child’s uniform. Is it whiter than milk? Or the tube light? The message is simple, yet catchy – If Extra Power Tide, then Extra Power White. We are confident that this will resonate well with our consumers.”

So, fret no more, be assured of your child’s cleanest uniform and while he endeavours to score his perfect A+, you score yours because #TideGivesExtra. The campaign is an entire 360-degree campaign, including TV, print and in-store visibility. The new product and campaign launched on Feb 1 and is priced at Rs. 47 for 500g and Rs. 94 for 1 kg.

Meanwhile, drop in to your nearest retailer store and buy your pack. After all, If Extra Power Tide, Then Extra Power White.