The total supplement market in India is supposed to reach $2 billion by 2022

The protein supplements industry has evolved over the past few years both from a customer perspective as well as players in the market. What used to be a product restricted only to bodybuilders and serious professional athletes is now gaining acceptance among a wider audience including prescription by Doctors. This is due to increasing awareness of importance of protein as a macro-nutrient as well as severe protein deficiency in Indian diets.


The number of companies offering such products also was a select few specialty sports nutrition brands that were primarily imported but the industry has now seen emergence of more mainstream FMCG companies as well as witnessed keen interest from several local pharmaceutical companies.


The market can be segmented as:


  • Sports Supplements
  • Infant Nutrition
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Protein-enhanced snacking
  • Geriatric Nutrition

Protein is no longer restricted to bitter protein powders that would be difficult to dissolve in a beverage with the brands now available in the market having exquisite flavors and using modern technology to ensure that the powder disperses in water within seconds. Protein has also found its way into ready-to-eat products such as bars and cookies and ready-to-drink protein fortified beverages are actively being worked upon in several R&D labs. Protein is dominated by dairy proteins such as whey and casein, and egg but vegan options such as soya, almonds and other plant based proteins such as pea and brown rice have increasing popularity.


The availability of protein based supplements has expanded. You can now find protein foods not only in health & wellness stores but also in chemist shops and retail chains. Online marketplaces have recently become a huge channel for protein supplements.


Six Pack Nutrition has kept abreast with all the latest trends in this industry and has adapted its product portfolio to meet diverse consumer needs. In our state-of-the-art FSSAI approved manufacturing facility, we make ready to mix premium Whey Protein Isolate sourced from Glanbia, muscle mass supplements, weight gain powders and protein bars. Our R&D backed by technology from innoWHEYte Nutrition, USA gives us lot of flexibility to work on several innovative concepts. We, apply the same stringent controls in raw material sourcing, vendor selection and quality control as in pharmaceuticals. Each batch of our whey protein is analyzed by an independent lab accredited by NABL for the protein content and the certificate of analysis is uploaded on our website for our customers to verify. All our jars of protein also have a unique code inside that ensures traceability and enables customers to cross check if the product they have purchased is authentic. Our qualified nutritionist educates our customers on selection of the right product and the recommended dosage to meet each individual’s personal goals. Our customer care team is trained to address any concern a customer may have.

The rising fitness consciousness of our young Indian population will increase the pool of consumers and consequently the size of the market. With companies like ours under the brand Six Pack Nutrition, continuously investing in educating the masses, there will be an acceptance of the role of protein beyond hardcore bodybuilding to meeting the growth needs in children as well as preventing sarcopenia in the geriatric population.

The market for protein in India increased at a CAGR of 39% during the period 2013-2017. The total supplement market in India is supposed to reach $ 828 million in 2018. The forecast for the next 4 years between 2018-2022 is expected to record growth of around 24%, which means an increase from $828 million to $2 billion by 2022.


Samit Mehta ,Founder Director, Six Pack Nutrition