Let this New Year be a year to open your inner self to the world outside, just like Nature bares her inner beauty during the Fall-Winter. As new aspirations and dreams are all set to give some new goals in life, what could be a better way than to dress up and take over the world with your upscale fashion, confidence, elegance and urbanity? Ommyra, a reputed multi-designer store in Kolkata, presented a carefully curated event to explore the wonders of Earthy tones and the rich variety of fabrics, at 8 Raja Santosh Road, Alipore Kolkata.

‘The Open Envelope’ showcased some mesmerizing collections where the participants were real people who opened up to new situations and experiences. The variety and the innovative creations perfect for the real women of the new era were showcased by designers from across the Nation and that was the chief highlight of the show. The collections showcased the same motto, that real people make up this world- thus it is important to embrace yourself, open up and be proud of your skin. It was a private and exclusive event, with a well-crafted fashion show with 6 designers, 3 from Kolkata and 3 from outside the city. The final sequence saw Ommyra showcase a multitude of designer garments, which went by the theme – to open up and evolve beyond the ordinary. Sandip Sarkar, Space Decorator, transformed the space, with innovative installations at the venue. Celebrity stylist, Sandy Ghoshal, styled and choreographed the show for the audience, and left them mesmerized. Accessorizing the garments was stunning Jewelry by Sawansukha Institute of Gemology and Clutches by Orange Saco.

The designers who showcased their collection included PRAHNAAYA, Anuja Banthia, Pot Pourie by Neha Roy, Chirag Nainani, SOUP by Sougat Paul and RNA by Rahul & Anushka. The Open Envelope brought a lot of freshness, hope and freedom. The show with different designers put together the celebration of opening up and a festival of style, uniqueness, poetry, culture and spirituality- an amalgamation perfectly brought together by each participant, designer and the curator of the event. The Envelope perfectly opened up, and it was a pleasure to see what all came out from this open envelope! The space design followed a very simple connection with nature, using materials which are not used regularly for designing purposes. The space looked like a path of tree and a dream land for those walking the runway- coming together exploring the inner beauty of a woman and asking them to come out from their shell. A virtual world was created for the stars of the day, where they could feel at ease to appear as themselves keeping their own identity, yet be projected as the Hero of the day!

The innovative installations by Sandip Sarkar, with wood, iron pipes, bamboo amongst other materials spoke the intensity and strength of inner beauty, that each women possesses. Celebrities who graced the occasion included Ritabhari Chakrabarty, distinguished actor, Shayoni Dutta, and Deeti Saha, who has recently signed up a tollywood movie. Speaking on the occasion, Seema Agarwal, Proprietor- Ommyra, said “It is such a delight to see so many people come together and resonate the thought of ‘The Open Envelope’. The final setup looks stunning, the fashion show by real people truly struck a chord with the audience. I thank all the designers for their support and hard work, and the teams that put in so much effort to make this event an astounding success. I urge all women to open up, and see the limitless beauty that lies within each person- it’s only a matter that we explore it.”

Taking a look at the showcased collection of each of the designersधraā from PRAHNAAYA: PRAHNAAYA is derived from the word Prana which means life .Our collection have been a blend of traditional with trends to procure a balance of comfort and opulence round the year. Handloom Weave & Fusion Designs is our USP. धraā from PRAHNAAYA will be based on fusion wear which has been our forte but what will make the designs stand out is that each garment can be styled in various ways and can be worn either as Indian or western wear, suiting oneself and going by the soul of PRAHNAAYA’s tagline “Be Your Original.” Anuja Banthia- A Dream Within A Dream: The entire collection is in floran blooming print will be making indo western collection out of this. The fabric that is used is smooth and flowing. It will be the amalgamation of print and embroidery. Inspired by the alluring beauty of a fresh summer garden and its electrifying multi rich floret, Anuja Banthia sets the atmosphere for her spring collection.

Pot Pourie by Neha Roy- Khana-ba-dos: POTT-POURRI is a “curvy” size label following the trend of minimalist fashion. We understand that comfort is important both at a physical and emotional level. Therefore we design to make sure that you can choose the “YOU” within “US”. Khana-ba-dosh is an Urdu word for “gypsies”. The love for being a free spirited person is what has inspired me to come up with this collection. It’s important for you to know who you are and what you deserve, setting no boundaries. The collection is built on earthy and dull hues like teal, slate green, rustic brown, Parma gray and more. The silhouettes resemble the care free nature of a gypsy focusing entirely on the comfort factor. Chirag Nainani, Jaipur – Everything To Me: The use of Natural fabrics like cotton, handloom and silks are something which Chirag Nainani excels at. Natural indigo washing is one of his USP. Explore class and elegance in the guise of natural indigo colors and fashion wears. Created with unique and stylish cuts, his collection is something every fashionista would vie for. Beautiful fusion wear to flaunt the Diva in you is what Chirag Nainani aims at. SOUP by Sougat Paul- The Floreale: The Floreale is an artistic amalgamation of our contemporary geometric and floral prints with an accent of embroidery. With a focus on fit and fabric, this collection will travel from weekday brunch to weekend outings, and everywhere in between .Made in crepe, chanderi and cotton blends, this collection of flattering silhouettes will warm up your wardrobe for this season.

RNA by Rahul & Anushka, Delhi- Mystic Beauty: Rahul N Anushka AW’17 collection is a contemporary yet classic expression of art. The collection is an abstract influenced by the mystic beauty of universe around us, with the hue of rust, amber, peacock blue and midnight blue with feminine drapes and asymmetrical hemlines and flared sleeves add characteristics of femininity and élan. The collection is sensuous with the use of fringes, tassels, intricate handwork, delicate fabrics and fluid silhouettes. Mystic beauty follows the woman who is elegant and chic, modernistic and fashionable she is the trend setter within her tribe. Confident and stylish her spirit is drawn towards the mysterious. This is what Rahul n Anushka’s aims to attain; a non-traditional yet classic expression of art.