The Noodle Story : complete noodle experience


One thing should be agreed upon that given our current lifestyle at hand, we pretty much do not have the luxury of spending a large amount of time enjoying a meal – this is where The Noodle Story came to the picture.

It all started from the love for noodles. Be it at school or at college, noodles have always been the easiest go to meal, be it on rainy days or during wee hours of the night at hostel. The wanderlust owners of The Noodle Story have traveled to various parts of the world, looking to experience diverse cuisines and cultures. And in the journey, they found their true calling!

The diverse taste of authentic noodles from all over the world, filled heart and provided fuel to their desire of taking the taste to every Indian. From the Dragon beard noodle of China to the delicious Ramen of Japan, Wonton noodles of Hong Kong to the Rice noodles of Thailand, they were completely in love with all the flavors and their authentic style of preparation.After returning back home, they went around looking for that perfect flavor but were disappointed at every offering, and then the idea finally popped up. Having tasted noodles from around the world, they wanted to reach out to people and provide them a diverse and complete noodle experience one that they won’t be getting anywhere else. And that is how, The Noodle Story came to life!

Sprawled across 250 – 500 square feet that canaccomodate 10-15 people, it presently has 10 outlets consisting of kiosks, takeaways and casual diner.

These outlets are a perfect match for anyone looking for quick delivery authentic Asian cuisine at an affordable price. The menu and pricing has been planned out meticulously.

Choose from a variety of noodles like classic chowmein to Udons, Thai flat to Soba and more. The best part is that one can customize their noodle dish right from the noodles to the sauce and the vegetables. So, you are paying for what you eat – no more, no less!

Their USP lies in the wide choice of cuisine they have to offer. They bring a native dish from each of the Asian country. For example, Udon& Soba noodles from Japan, Thai flat from Thailand, Glass noodles from Singapore and more.  Also, each of the sauces has an origin from one of the Asian countries. Their overall brand message is “A brand which enables the masses to consume international dishes at a throw away price in their own backyard.”

Next time, you crave for some quality Asian but have pocket crunch, you know where to head.