The inspiring growth of Neeldavid Katwal

Neeldavid katwal

Neeldavid katwal is the man behind Neeldavids unisex salon and Academy. Neeldavid   is an internationally acclaimed hair expert who has the world record of doing blind folded hair cut in 2008 which was 5 hair cuts in 25 mins. He has signed with many beauty and hair care brands as Brand Ambassador.

Travelling from a small village of Nepal called Jhapa to become one of the top most name hair expert in Nepal and international level, the journey was not easy. Neeldavid shares his journey with Abhijit Ganguly.

You were very much interested in fashion since childhood days.  How come?

Since my childhood days, I was keen in fashion. Most of my friends were interested in studies while I was more interested in Bollywood movies. I used to bunk school to watch a Bollywood movie.  I used to save my pocket money in order to buy film magazines and for watching Bollywood films. I was a big fan of Jackie Shroff . I used to steal my dad’s money to watch his films. I tried to follow clothes worn by Bollywood stars. When I was 14 I cut my niece Savita’s hair who was only 6 years old then.

How challenging was your journey of becoming a renowned hair stylist?

It was a very challenging road. There was no idea of fashion in my village. They were unaware of fashion and glamour. Every parent wanted their son to be a successful doctor or engineer. No one could think of making their son a hair stylist! Fortunately, my parents especially my dad late Krishna Bahadur Katwal never stopped me from following my passion. He gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted to pursue in my life. But he told me that I should be honest in whatever I am doing.  When I finished class 12, I applied to study aboard but seven times my visa got cancelled. I was clueless and opened one café in Birtamod in Nepal. It failed. I went on to do a job in a computer training institute where my salary was just 3000 Nepalese rupees.

Then an incident happened which changed my life.  20 years back a British citizen named David Vinall lost his passport. I met him and he adopted me as his son. He got me educated and eventually I took lesson in hair styling. I took lessons from different institutions such as Delhi, Thailand, Singapore and even trained under Mrs. Christine Blundel Oscar Award Winning makeup artist from Hollywood. I also underwent training with Toni and Guy ( London ) which is considered to be the premier institution regarding creative hairstyle.


How you feel now you are one brand maker Neeldavid?

Still long way to go now and I just came back from Guwahati,Assam. There we have opened Neeldvaids unisex salon franchise 1000 square in GS road and it’s amazing we are knocking towards North east of India which is known as fashion zone and soon we will launch academy where we trained hair and beauty. I run 49 salons and Academies and give 500 people job opportunity. My motto is that in few years time I want 5000 people working in my business.

What’s about Mumbai franchise Managment?

Oh this Management has signed me 100 salons in India within 5 yrs so their 1st project opened in Guwahati and 16 January in Allahabad which is upto 2700 square ft.  There will Neeldavids unisex salon and Academy. We have Varanasi, Luknow, Noida, New Delhi in our pipeline. The Mumbai Managment is giving me new opportunities to grow in India and international market as brand of my salons and academy.

So you just signed as brand ambassador in Gujrat?

Yes it’s amazing I have  signed with Brillare Science  Hair and beauty products as their Brand Ambassador for 2 yrs.I am working towards this .  I researched about their products and used their products before I accepted their offer. LIC Nepal has already offered me and my son Daniel who is footballer in Punjab under 15 to come in TV add together for 2019.

What about your Asia top Academy?

Yes this building is going to start from 21st April which happens to be birth day. This would be in memory of my dad Late Krishna Katwal which will be Asia’s largest 4 storey modern and advance hair and beauty Academy with hostel facilities. And we are giving 100% free scholarship for 30 poor children in a year. We will give job guarantee.

So what about next planning?

I am working towards franchise model. i am getting lots of offer but my managing head Mr Santosh Upadhaya and me just taking few from . We are working towards our quality and make Neeldavids brand stronger in market.  We don’t want to comprise our quality just for the sake of money. We have 8 franchise singed in Nepal and 5 in India. We want to finish all these projects.

I am also getting offer from international, Dubai and Australia but waiting for the right time. I want to make my brand base stronger in Nepal and India stronger first and then move to the next level as international market.


What about dream salon in Delhi?

Delhi was my dream from 2003 to open a salon and academy which would be at par with international level. So, I finally marking towards its and from April and am shifting to Delhi and within July August I am launching my dream project Neeldavids international salon in Delhi. I want to make this a very popular and hopefully get noticed by super star Salman Khan. He is not only a great actor but a amazing human being. I respect  him for what  he is doing towards society by being . I also hope to meet my idols – Jackie Shroff , Amir Khan, Kangana Ranaut , Sushmita Sen and Manisha Koirala.