The game of bridge has many benefits

Bridge is one of the world’s most widely played, stimulating and challenging card games that requires skill, concentration and practice. The city of joy will witness the 2nd All India Shree Cement Bridge Tournaments which would be held at Blswa Bangla Convention Centre, New Town, Rajarhat from 18th April to 21st  April,2019. This prestigious Championship is being organized by Corporate Bridge Association of India under the aegis of Bridge Federation of India. Mr. Manmeet Singh Goindi, Director SAI, Mr. Debasish Sen, Chairman HIDCO Ltd and Mr. H.M.Bangur, Managing Director, Shree Cement Ltd will inaugurate the event . This Championship assumes great significance as Bridge Federation of India has reserved a direct berth into the Selection Trial of Indian team in 2020 for the winner of the Team of Four event in this Championship.Already 60+ teams have confirmed their participation. All the International and National Masters of our country including the Asian Games Medal winners will participate in this championship.

“Bridge is one of the very popular mind game and is recognised as a mind sport. Bridge is a fun and challenging game to be enjoyed by players of all ages. ” said , Indian men team’s non-playing captain and coach Debasish Ray.In abroad Bridge is being taught in many schools, public and private, as well as local bridge clubs, churches and youth centers.

Repeated studies  around the world have shown the sort of enhancement which bridge can bring to the classroom. Research had showed that bridge and minibridge taught skills in numeracy, problem solving, probability, speaking, listening, rule following, team building, mental capacity and much more.

Debasish added,”Bridge, as a partnership and team game, facilitates communication and the development of social connections as well as contributing to intergenerational community building.”

The origins of bridge in India can be traced to the Raj, when British civil servants would play the game to pass the time.Recently, Bengal duo of Pranab Bardhan and Shibnath De Sarkar bagged gold in the men’s bridge pair competition at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta.