The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in focus



Global leader on the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Nicholas Davis from the World Economic Forum, Geneva will reveal how emerging technologies are redefining the values of technological development by having a direct impact on human values via his keynote presentation at CeBIT Australia 2017, Asia Pacific’s largest business technology event to be held in Sydney in May.

He will be joined by an esteemed line-up of keynotes speakers from WIRED Magazine, Futurum and the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship as they share the latest thinking on the Internet of Things (IoT), entrepreneurship and digital transformation.

Other keynotes include Greg Williams, Executive Editor, WIRED Magazine; Nick Kaye, CEO, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship; Daniel Newman, Principle Analyst and Founding Partner, Futurum Research and Broadsuite Media Group, and Naomi Simson, Founding Director, RedBalloon and

International thought-leader Nicholas Davis will share the World Economic Forum’s latest insights on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) including how emerging technologies will disrupt industries, labour markets, societies and governments. He will also focus on how technology can be used to empower communities to create a human-centred future, where our cultural values, ideals and standard of living remain central to development.

“The world is open to learning, to changing outcomes and to truly empowering people. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has the potential to possibly disrupt the institutions we know today, but could also improve quality of life. We have the ability to redefine how technology and human collaboration challenges what it means to be human, what it means to work and live in our societies.

“Of course we will face the negative externalities, but we need to focus on seeing the future as systems not technologies, as empowering not depowering, by designing a purpose that is embedded in the heart of our society that can benefit the masses,” said Davis.

Also presenting is leading authority on technology trends and how they impact business and society Greg Williams, Executive Editor of WIRED Magazine. He will share insights into how executives and businesses can understand the impact of technology changes and implement agile strategies to remain relevant in their business landscape.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my insights and experiences at CeBIT Australia, delving into how staying ahead of the curve and understanding the strategies businesses have implemented to stay abreast of the continuously changing industry and world, while facing the challenges head-on in this transformative era,” said Williams.