THE 42 receives authorization for revalidation of NOC for height clearance


The tallest building in Eastern India covering more than 60 Floors has been cleared by Airport Authority of India vide its communication dated 8th January,2018. Their Regional NOC for Height Clearance dated 2.2.2011 which was initially valid for a period of five years, has been now revalidated till 01.02.2019,pursuant to the provision of Rule16 (Savings) of GSR751(E).

On being contacted, M/s.Chowringhee Residency Pvt.Ltd. confirmed the news and informedthat the revalidation is for the same original height of 260 Mtrs. AMSL.Chowringhee Residency Pvt.Ltd. were awaiting their application dated 25.6.2016 to be disposed of favourably. Shri R.K.Singla, G.M.(ATM-NOC) for ED(ATM) has informed the said fact of revalidation to M/s. Chowringhee Residency Pvt.Ltd. situated on 42B,Chowringhee Road, by a copy of the letter issued by them to the Regional Executive Director, Airports Authority of India(ER), Regional Executive Director, Airports Authority of India, Eastern Region