Telling stories through painting



As a painter and calligrapher, Ziba Vishteh, from Iran, paints portraits of men and women and -in the process dives deep into their personality traits, narrow curves and tiny voices of their psychological intent. Her compositions seem as if the world has been buried under the blind patches and bold strokes of warm colors reminiscent of the works of those German Expressionists. Ziba was one of the Fifteen artists from eight countries who came together recently in Kolkata to express their vision to create a symphony of visual, where the artists have tried to remove boundaries. Sixth Dimensions organized this International Art Show titled ‘WE DO NOT WANT TO DRAW THE LINE’ at Birla Academy of Art and Culture.

When did you realize you had an aptitude for painting and what motivated you to take this route?

The Art has come to me naturally there was no motivation or inspiration factor. After graduating from Technical University in Architecture, I couldn’t pursue in the field of architecture due to certain family reasons but since I always wanted to do and achieve something in life, I started learning Painting and Calligraphy, with passing time my interest in Art kept developing and I continued with rigorous training and hard work, now having over 22 years of experience the Painting is a passion for me, I enjoy my each new painting

What is the inspiration behind your paintings? Does each piece have its own approach and inspiration, or is it just simply that you enjoy painting and painting what comes to mind at the moment?

My paintings has many stories, they are inspired by my friends, life incidents and the people around me. At times when I see some unusual happening or object ,first I think about it and see it again n again then it gets registered in my mind and finally it drops down on my Canvas ,but to tell you the truth it is always me on the canvas (portrait) .


Mia Ferrara Basel, Anjan Ghosh, Dilip Mitra, Ganesh Haloi, Avedananda Goswami and Dipendranath

What has been your biggest struggle as an artist so far?

At times my art is affected when I see, many of my people in pain and this pain travels to me and makes me depressed as well . The other problem I see being a woman that in all circumstances whether it is human relation ,family life or society obligations,only woman suffer the most ,though I never say men don’t suffer . The other concern for me this war in world, these conflicts among religions, societies and countries, as an artist I look for peace for all human being.

Pic courtsey : Kunal Roy Chowdhury