Synergy: celebration of culture, art and chemistry between two countries


Come September 15, the autumn night will be filled with a different kind of ‘Synergy’. This one is presented by Indo Occidental Symbiosis and Calcutta Club along with Hema Malini’s Jaya Smriti.

Synergy will witness Georgian Dance Sukhisvili, returning to India after 55 years, creating a fusion with Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Pung Cholom in a night of extraordinary celebration of culture, art and chemistry between two countries.

Sukhisvili was founded by IIiko Sukhisvili and Nino Ramishbilli in 1945 and was initially named the Georgian State Dance Company. The two hour programme of the Georgian National Ballet is a continuous story of the adventure of the Georgian spirit, the change, which took place in its existence. The structure, architectonics, separate steps of each dance is a delight to watch and the vector of changes is guided towards the inner wholeness. The idea of the ballet is to showcase dance from the illustrative to the universal, from correctness to general.

The adventure of Georgian spirit related by Iliko and Nino still fill the hearts with inexplicable emotions and brings to the world the story of the tiny people of great tragic artistry, humour and temperament.

This will be complemented and supplemented with Kathak, Bharatnayam and Pung Cholom, a Manipuri dance form, that has been designed by the eternal dream girl of Bollywood Hema Malini, who is dedicating the evening to her mother.

“I am so happy to bring Synergy to Kolkata. Kolkata is the cultural capital of the country. The people here understand, appreciate and enjoy the evening that blends the Georgian spirit with the essence of this country,” said Hema Malini.

“We are very happy to bring this programme to Kolkata. Indo Occidental Symbiosis is one of the custodians of traditional and classical music and dance forms in India. It has been our continuous, tireless effort to bring to the people the rich cultural heritage of the country and celebrate it on the world stage,” said Shouvik Dasgupta, Founder Indo Occidental Symbiosis.

Present for the press meet were table maestro Bickram Ghosh and President of Calcutta Club Tamal Mukherjee.