Superhits 93.5 RED FM’s Ticket to Durga Puja


As the grand festivity of Durga Puja begins, Red FM is back with the Season 2 of Ticket to Durga Puja, which celebrates the essence of festive season by bringing everyone closer. Red FM, India’s most awarded radio network has created a niche space amongst the audience, with its constant effort to connect with them through various innovative properties. Ticket to Durga Puja is one such exclusive property. It is a Red FM IP solely committed to reconnecting people with their loved ones during the grand festival. It is a benchmark campaign deeply rooted in its belief of bringing people closer and sharing the joy of festive times.

Last year the Season 1 of Ticket to Durga Puja: Pardes to Swades received massive success as the whole city rejoiced, when the disjointed family members and loved ones were reunited on one platform. Red FM brought back family members who were away from their families & the city for years and couldn’t come back due to financial crisis or emotional distance. Red FM team along with their RJs Praveen, Dev and Nilam, took it upon themselves to curb the differences among these detached family members and let their hearts glow with love & happiness during the most loved festival of Bengalis.

Speaking about the initiative, Nisha Narayanan, COO, Red FM said, “Festivities are best enjoyed when families are together, when people who matter most to you are closer. With Ticket to Durga Puja, we want our audience to celebrate their bond of love with family, friends and dear ones. Every time that we have bridged the gap between the separated family members, we have seen how they have always craved to be reunited all along and yet couldn’t do so due to unspoken emotion. We are more than happy to bridge the gap as it only brings people closer. Red FM has extensively reached out to the people, listened to their stories and gauged their urge to be connected again to their loved ones. Like last year, this year as well the winners of Ticket to Durga Puja are ordinary people with extraordinary life stories”

·         Trinanjan Mitra is travelling from Toronto to his hometown Kolkata after 14 long years. He has been nominated by three generations in his family- his grandmother who is 92, his mother and his sister.  Due to extreme work pressure and difficult financial condition, he has been unable to come to Kolkata for the longest time. Even then his love for the festival knows no bounds. He contributes to his locality’s Durga puja celebration every year without fail, just to be a part of Puja revelries

·         Ashith Ranjan Das and Ritika Das are travelling from Assam to meet their son Tapas Das and his wife. Tapas nominated his parents because his poor economic condition never gave him a chance to do anything for his parents. Finally Red FM’s Ticket to Durga Puja initiative has given him a rare opportunity to fulfill his life-long wish of bringing his parents to the city during Durga Puja



·         Arpan Naskar from Sharjah has been nominated by his parents, Arpan works in a jewellery factory in Dubai. His father is a daily wage laborer and due to their economic condition, they do not have the privilege to celebrate the festival with their son.  Arpan has been away for 3 years. This year he has sent home all his saving because it was his sister’s marriage. It would have taken another 3 years to save up and come back home. But Red FM is making that possible this year itself.


·         Bhimrao More is a taxi driver living in the city for the last 20 years. He got married to a Bengali girl, 5 years ago, against his parents’ wishes. Recently his parents have started talking to him. Bhimrao More also known as Raju has not met them in 7 years and they have never been to Kolkata. The parents have only seen Raju’s wife’s picture but have never met her. He doesn’t have the money to get them to Kolkata and scared to travel to his hometown Pune as his village will disapprove of his inter-caste marriage and abandon the family.



With the roaring start of the second chapter of Ticket to Durga Puja, Red FM didn’t forget to include the ones who are often forgotten. Through this year’s league of Ticket to Durga Puja, they aim to extend their compassion to those people who are not only away from their families but also have to serve the community 24×7, even when every Bengali is busy rejoicing. Hence, apart from the separated families, they are also reaching out to fire-fighters, police, electricians, medical attendants etc., who have sacrificed a good part of their lives in order to serve the society.

Taking the celebration of bond a notch higher, Red FM has planned a series of activities for the family members of police, fire fighters, electricians, medical attendants etc which also include a pandal hopping session with VIP passes. Red FM has tied up with more than a hundred puja associations this year, which is an exceptional feat. Apart from that the War of Dhaakis, another Red FM initiative, will again give the much needed platform to the maestros this year where they will conjure up the magical beats of Durga Puja. With the blessings of Goddess Durga, Red FM looks forward to spread more love and warmth in the city of joy.