SSR group to invest in West Bengal


SSR group plans to invest 35,000 crore rupees in West Bengal. They plan to do the project with the help of Medi Elector. They are going to step up a bottling plant in Durgapur.

Established in 2010, SSR introduce Big Barrel whisky – the fine blend of age old malt, Royal shot – is a pure blend of matured malts, Lot 67 – is a perfect blend of high-quality scotch, Crown & Barrel – the premium brand. SSR has also entered into manufacturing facility (bending & bottling unit) in venture with A-one wineries in India
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Yogesh Patel, Director, said” Besides, manufacturing foreign liquor we would do solar projects.”This will create job opportunities for unemployed youths of Bengal.”

India has become one of the top importers of Scotch whiskey with an annual import of about 41 million bottles a year, reported Reuters.

According to the figures of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), India’s Scotch whiskey import has increased to $55.9 million, showing a jump of 28 percent in value.People have been drinking blended scotch for a long time. But as they grow and become more mature in their tastes and their income levels increase they are willing to try something a little more different.