“SOUMYA-ANUPAM stands for beauty in simplicity”


SOUMYA – ANUPAM is a designer label from Kolkata manufacturing High Fashion Women’s wear and Retailing their manufactured merchandise since 2005. Both the designer are award winning Graduate from India’s Premium Fashion Institute NIFT New Delhi. The manufacturing of the garments happens in their own workshop in Kolkata and is retailed through some of the prestigious stores across India and abroad and also from their own retail outlet, The Brand SOUMYA – ANUPAM has been participating in some of the premium Fashion & Lifestyle Shows across India, like, Design One & IMC in Mumbai, Jalsa and Ankur in Delhi, Parampara & Nouveaau in Kolkata, Yatra and Petals in Hyderabad are to name a few. Recently, they launched their festive collections. Abhijit Ganguly spoke to them.

What is the essence of Soumya-Anupam?

SOUMYA-ANUPAM stands for beauty in simplicity. We emphasis on “BEING ONESELF” and don’t believe in following trends blindly.

What has been your strongest inspiration for your work?

We find inspirations from everywhere. Our day to day life provides such beautiful inspirations that we don’t need to research for them. The world is full of beautiful things; we just need to look around our own selves.

Tell us about your design sensibility and process. How do you conceptualize the ideas and then give shape to your thoughts?

Fortunately, despite of being two individuals, our design sensibility is the same.  It revolves around minimalistic approach to design. We don’t believe in opulence without the need of it. On the other hand we love giving attention to detailing and finishing of our garments. Also we play along with the surface ornamentation a lot using distinct techniques and mix matching the mediums used.

When it comes to shaping our ideas to form, we have hands down method. We spend quality time with our workmen. Team SOUMYA-ANUPAM consists of well trained crafts men from different fields.  Each and every piece is made under our supervision.

What does it take to make women look elegant and feel confident in ethnic wears, especially when fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon?

First and foremost I would like to mention here that Indian Ethnic Wear is one of the most beautiful attire in the whole world and we do have the most beautiful women!! So half the battle is already won! We just try to do justice to our client’s personality, style and our designs simultaneously. It’s a continuous endeavor I agree, but that what we do best, I guess!!

How do you feel you have grown or changed as a designer since you entered the industry in 2005? What have you learnt since you started out?

Designing is not only our work, it’s our passion too! It is a continuous learning process. Definitely we have learnt a lot in these years; it’s not only work experience we have earned but I would say that as people and designers both we have matured a lot. We have learnt that being honest to your designs is extremely important. And once you have done that, your designs speak for themselves

What are your future plans?

In future too we would like reach out to as many markets taking brand SOUMYA-ANUPAM to the heights. Alongside we have launched our furnishing line and very soon we are planning to come up with our kids wear line too.