Scope and advantages of higher study in China


Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata &The School of Chinese Language in Kolkata organised  India’s 1st Chinese educational Expo ,  to generate interest in the prospects of studying in China in English-medium, as well as Chinese-medium, and to provide in-depth information to assess the scope and advantages of higher study in China. The main focus has been in areas in which India falls short of requisite capacity as well as in areas which offer more advanced knowledge and technology with the ultimate goal of generating more jobs, together with making more youngsters qualified for the jobs and for serving our country better.Together with Yunnan Provincial Education Dept. and Henan Provincial Education Dept., 30 leading universities participated Tsinghua University ranked in top 1-0 of world Business institutions was also present. Othereading Universities participated, covering a vast gamut of subjects and undergraduate majors, in addition to programs in Masters & Doctorates/PhD.This 1stever Chinese expo provided the golden opportunity to (1) discuss with leading Chinese medical hospitals & universities regarding establishing world-class hospital & college in West Bengal and (2) develop exchange & cooperation between Indian & Chinese institutions which would benefit both sides.

Roxy Tseng who responses for international students affairs of Yunnan Arts University shared her thought-

What are the advantages of studying in your University?
My university is one of the 7 most famous art universities in China.  And the location is the nearestone to India among these seven most famous universities. By the way, the weather is very good in Kunming and it even has a saying to say “Kunming is a spring city”.
Are there any special scholarship schemes for international students?
My university has both Yunnan Government Scholarship and Yunnan Arts University Scholarship for the international students.
When can one start preparing for admissions, how much time is required?
Every March and every September.
One can prepare two months for preparing for it.
How easy or difficult is to get a student visa for China?
If you get the permission of university admission it will be not difficult to get student visa.
What are the chances of job prospects  after completion of degree?
Art is international language. Don’t worry!
Your tips for students applying in your  university?
Prepare the application as early as possible and contact me when you meet problems