Science is fun!


Kolkata: Science was a lot of fun for young children on Saturday afternoon. science60 conducted an engaging and interactive seminar where it showcased its pioneering science learning approach and the audience at the event heard from school leaders and from parents who endorsed the unique science learning environment developed by the company.

Students from leading city schools including Sri Sri Academy, South Point School, Loreto House, Birla High School conducted experiments on-stage to demonstrate that scientific concepts can be learnt in ways which are fun for children and yet academically just a relevant as learning the theory in the traditional classroom environment. The successful demonstration of the experiments on-stage was championed under the purview of Mr. Rupak Das, Team Leader – Training and Content Development at science60, who hosted the symposium.

“The technology driven world is changing rapidly and the future workforce will have to adopt to advancements in areas like artificial intelligence and automation. But before they study such advanced subjects in later academic life, they must master the in-depth understanding of fundamental scientific concepts. At science60, we are attempting to get students ready for this journey” said Mr. Tapan Kumar Banerjee, the chairman of science60.

The BITM auditorium was packed with select school leaders, teachers, students and their parents who are all important stakeholders of the educational community of the city. It was notable when Mr. Biswas, father of a class VI student from Sri Sri Academy, Ankit Biswas, concluded that his child had indeed become more curious about science in school since he started courses at science60 and when Mrs. Priya Lodha, mother of a class III student from South Point School, Prakhar Lodha, complemented science60 for engaging her child to think critically.

“We aim to nurture the children’s curiosity about the world around them especially when their brains are still developing. That said, our offerings are completely aligned with the student learning outcomes of class IV to VII science curriculums, be it ICSE, CBSE or IB programs” believed Mr. Pathikrit Tapan Banerjee, the founder of science60.

The YOUNG SCIENTISTS symposium was presented in association with Launcherz PR n Events.