Sastasundar.Com Celebrates Pray Day With Maha Srawan Ji


sasta__ is building India’s leading digital network of healthcare, managing efficient pharma & wellness products’ supply chain & connecting doctors, diagnostic services, healthcare clinics and health information services. “SastaSundar” is an Indian phrase, which denotes consumers’ aspiration for high quality at low cost.

The organization celebrated their 8th Pray Day, today, at Mahaswaran Vihar, with Maha Srawan Ji, one of the most learned spiritual Gurus of India.

“The purpose of is to spread “Health & Happiness”, the essence of which lies in meditation, and prayer is the beginning of the same. We have taken an initiative to pray for the World’s “Health & Happiness” and spread the same message amongst our employees”, said Mr BL Mittal, Founder & Executive Chairman,

Mr BL Mittal started this initiative of Pray Day on 7th February, 2017 and is observed by the team on the 7th of every month. And the special inclination towards the 7th of every month is because 7th of April is widely celebrated as World Health Day.

“We firmly believe that what we want to encourage, we should ourselves do it first. Pray Day enhances the positivity in our organization and makes it full of happiness”, added Mr Mittal.

Maha Srawan Ji is one of the most learned spiritual Gurus in India and his life is devoted towards promoting non-violence and peace. Following his footsteps, the message for this Pray Day at will stand against addiction and will portray the fact that doesn’t sell any tobacco-based product.