Roadtrippers Club launches its Kolkata chapter

Roadtrippers Club, a fast-growing road tripping community for enthusiasts, beginners and those who love hitting the roads, began its Kolkata chapter today. This club gets together and as a community plans road trips where families, friends, solo travellers and those travelling with pets can join in. It is an evolving platform for clubs, individuals and road trip mavens to create, manage and find exciting road trips, drives and events.The participants bring their own vehicles and drive together as a convoy to the destination, while enjoying the sights and sounds along the road that leads there. Present now across 10 cities, namely – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Guwahati, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Chennai, Bhopal and Hyderabad,Roadtrippers Club will now be active in Kolkata as it received a lot of interest from the road tripping community based in this city

Vineet Rajan, a core member of the Roadtrippers Club, said, “At Roadtrippers Club our mission is quite simple – Get those who like to go on road trips together and when at that have lots of fun! Each chapter has its own scout who helps coordinate activities from road trip planning to executing it. The scout assists the road trip captains to enable the road tripping community that sets off on a trip to not just have a good time but a safe one too.

He added, “For Kolkata we have Rikhia Pal who will ensure that everything needed for the Roadtrippers Club, both on and off road, is planned in great details. We heartily welcome everyone at Kolkata who is interested and passionate about road trips to join us.  You can become part of this community by simply registering at”

The first step is a meetup planned to meet and greet fellow road trippers in Kolkata and is open for all to come and be a part of. This will be held on 22nd December.