Religious leaders celebrates the victory of “harmony”

The BJP has suffered a massive setback in the elections to the five state assemblies. The party was routed in Chhattisgarh where it was in power for last 15 years. In Rajasthan also, the party has been defeated by the Congress. The saffron party has also lost Madhya Pradesh to the Congress after ruling the state for three consecutive terms. Today religious leaders celebrated this defeat stating its good for the communal harmony of the country.

Golam Rabbani, National President of All India Ulema Board In India, said ” There is communal harmony and peaceful co-existence of people belonging to different ethnicity, caste, creed, race and religion.The BJP has been trying to disturb communal harmony in India. It was trying to engineer communal divide and this is very dangerous for the peace and brotherhood in the State.” M A Ali added,  “The truth is that today every person in India is standing against the government.Only one section of the people should not be taken care of. Interests of all the sections must be kept in mind, all the religions should flourish. Let us all unite and raise our voices. Let us unite!!!”

Moulana Meher Abbas Rizvi , Vice President, All Faith Forum and West Bengal Waqf board member felt “Communal harmony took a beating and no section of society was satisfied with the performance of the Modi government.”