Red FM’s Tolly Shopping Network reveals the fun side of your favourite Tollywood stars


Keeping up the quirkiness of Red FM’s Bajaate Raho motto, RJ Praveen is now roasting the celebs of tinsel town by asking them to sell some ‘’unseen items’’ in Red FM’s new IP titled ‘Tolly Shopping Network’. Already megastars like Prosenjit Chatterjee and Dev have been victim to his unmatchable prank. In the very first episode of ‘Tolly Shopping Network’ Red FM got Tollywood superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee, who played along with RJ Praveen like a pro at banter. While Chatterjee was requested to sell a rather embarrassingly necessary product ‘Isabgul’ or psyllium husk, T-town’s heartthrob Dev had the time of his life marketing a controversial product like ‘Nagasaki oil’.

Talking about the new humorous video series, RJ Praveen says, “It is so exciting to see our beloved stars who are always so poised and rehearsed, totally unprepared for something. And it is more amusing to see them being creative with the ‘’unseen item’’ which brings out their fun side to the audience. At Red FM, our only objective is to connect with people by spreading laughter and Tolly Shopping Network is just meant to do that.’’

           Catch your favourite celebs off-guard while RJ Praveen bumps them off with tricky questions!!

Episode 1 – Prosenjit Chatterjee advertising Isabgul –

Episode 2 – Dev selling Nagasaki oil –

All episodes are available on Red FM’s Facebook, Twitter and You Tube page.