Red FM’s Ticket to Durga Puja


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Kolkata:This Durga Puja Red FM brings to you- Ticket to Durga Puja…Pardes to Swades via Red FM.A campaign via which we will reunite families during this festive season.

Lots of families whose family members / loved ones are away from the city for years are registering. Based on the background or stories of the registered listeners, Red FM will select 5 families who will get the ‘Ticket to Durga Puja’  to bring back 1 family member each. We will fly back 2 people from abroad and 2 from within the country. All 4 will get return tickets.

The winning stories-

1.       Rabindra nominated his Parents – He is a driver who earns Rs. 7000 a month; he belongs to Orissa and has been working in Kolkata for 20 years. Since he can barely manage his own expenses he has not been able to bring his parents from Orissa to show Kolkata’s durga puja. They had been really wanting to spend pujo with their son past 20 years however it has not been possible. Rabindra has a son who is 12 and his parents have seen their grandchild last 10 years back. (his parents stay in a village in Orissa…closest station is Cuttack 60km away from where they stay)

2.       Mahua Mukherjee nominated Abhik Mukherjee, her brother. Abhik went to Tennessee, USAwith full scholarship to pursue masters and then PHD…hasn’t visited India in 4 years and have not been in the city during Durga Puja since 2007. He does not have a job and cannot afford to come back home…his family cannot afford US tickets.


3.       Gauri Shankar Dhar nominated his mom Alo Dhar (his mother stays in Delhi) – Got married against family’s will hasn’t seen mom for last 7 years since she was upset. He has had a baby now and really wants his mother to come down to see her only grandchild.


4.       Pavitra Kanji nominated his brother- Soumitra Kanji to be brought back from Dubai. Soumitra is an electrician working in Dubai. He is working there specially so that he can afford good education for his younger brother. It’s been 3 years that he’s been away…won’t be back in a long time (does not have much savings as he sends everything back home to run the family). His family stays in Diamond Harbour


Sushmita Called the radio station from Haldia to nominate herself. She has never seen her parents, have been brought up by her grandmother and uncle…uncle got her married off at the age of 14 (now she’s 19). Her dream is to see Durga Puja in Kolkata.RJ Praveen will go to Haldia to get Sushmita and her husband. Sushmita will show Haldia to Praveen by taking him around…and Praveen will get them to Kolkata and show them Durga Puja.


Emotional stories of the participants, arrival of family members, families meeting their loved ones after years, pandal hopping to eating out- all emotions and celebrations would be captured on-air and on digital.